Virtual Campus of Wayland Baptist University

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The Fall 2016 Online Schedule is now available
for viewing!


The faculty and staff of Wayland Baptist University are genuinely committed to meeting the specific needs of each individual student. Today, many students are looking for greater convenience and flexibility in their educational pursuits; Wayland strives to meet these needs through the Virtual Campus.

The Virtual Campus offers two types of online learning experiences.

  • One of these enables current students to complete any of the on-site programs in which they are engaged by taking individual classes online.
  • The other type of online learning format is that of the Online Degree Program.

Our Mission

The Virtual Campus makes readily accessible Wayland Baptist University's learning-focused and distinctively Christian environment supported by fully integrated and responsive student success services delivered any time and any place -- locally, regionally, nationally and globally -- to learners with academic, professional and life enrichment goals.

Online DegreeOnline courses at Wayland offer:

  • Quality instruction
  • Individual guidance and personal support
  • Commitment to excellence that you'll find at any of our campuses

We have tried to provide all the relevant information you would need about online courses in this website.

If you would like to learn more about our online programs, please contact the Admissions Office at 800-588-1928 or send an email to