Cornerstone - a basis, a vital foundation

Wayland Baptist University was built upon the foundation of churches worker together to provide Christian higher education. Through their gifts the first buildings were constructed, the first scholarships were awarded, and the first salaries were paid. God continues to bless as Wayland fulfills its mission as an extension of the local church. Churches actively supporting this mission remain vital to the future of Wayland and generations of future students.

- Objectives -
. . . to promote greater concern in the welfare and progress of Wayland Baptist University.
. . . to honor churches which actively support Wayland.
. . . to communicate plans and aspirations from the administration, faculty, staff, and students and receive input in return from churches.
. . . to facilitate ministry opportunities for students, staff, faculty, and administration to minister with and to churches.
. . . to cultivate a significant pattern of giving to Wayland Baptist University from churches committed to Christian higher education.
. . . to inform ministers and churches of the opportunities available at Wayland.

- Benefits -

Cornerstone Churches will receive updates informing them of the University's progress in meeting its institutional and spiritual mission.

The pastor, a selected lay representative, and their spouses shall be invited to attend an annual meeting and dinner at the University.

The church will be presented annually with a certificate of appreciation from Wayland.
Full-time students who are members of Cornerstone Churches and are attending the Plainview campus will be eligible to receive a $250 Local Church Grant toward their first term at Wayland Baptist University.

For more information please contact:

Director - Church Services
Assistant Director of Ministry Guidance

Assistant Professor - Religion

1900 W. 7th Street CMB #552
Plainview, TX 79072

Office: 806-291-3407 Fax: 806-291-1975

Office: Brown Family Conference Center

Email: Church Services