Personality Types & Spiritual Motivation - A 1-3 hr. seminar/workshop designed to provide basic understanding of personality types, spiritual gifts, and how they work together for God's glory. An excellent resource for team building and volunteer placement. Consultations available.

Generational Relationships - A 1 hr. seminar on the differences between the five generations coexisting for the first time in history. Designed to be informational with ideas for building unity across the generations.

the Church and the Postmodern Worldview - A 1-3 hr. seminar/workshop discussing trends in modern society, tracing the worldview shifts from premodern to modern to postmodern This seminar examines the aspects of postmodernism and how churches, regardless their size or location, can effectively reach the lost with the gospel in an ever changing world.

Church Profiling, Forecasting & Visioning - Either a 1 hr. seminar or in consultation settings with church staff or church groups, this resource is a hands-on look at church types, identity, and forecasting for ministry. In the consultation setting, the attendees will receive guidance in clarifying the church's mission, vision, goals, and how to accomplish same.

Organizational Analysis - A consultation with church staff or committees to give objective insights into the church organizational structure and assist in developing solutions to stagnation and internal strife.

Conflict Resolution - Either a 1-3 hr. seminar/workshop or in consultation settings with churches to assist in the understanding of conflict, its causes, release-valves, and possible resolutions. This can be a service to assist in existing conflicts or the development of methods to manage future conflict. Conflict Mediation is also available.

Avoiding Ministerial Burnout - A 1 hr. seminar designed to assist ministers in understanding burnout and give practical helps to overcome the effects of burnout. In the lay setting, this seminar is designed to inform and inspire church members to claim the blessings of doing the ministry while giving basic ideas to encourage their ministerial staff and their families.

Interdenominational Landscape Changes - A 1 hr. seminar which examines the changing theologies and practices of denominational life and the growing effects of interdenominationalism on churches. Practical approaches for managing these changes are given and developed.

Future Trends for the Church - A 1 hr. seminar examining the ebb and flow of church life, giving special attention to the trends that are affecting all churches in worship, bible study, evangelism, ministry, etc. This seminar can be personalized to each individual church's situation with assessment of particular strengths and weaknesses.

The Megachurch vs. the Local Church - A 1 hr. seminar discussing the distinctness of urban and rural churches as well as the particular needs/roles of the megachurch and the local church. Practical helps are given for gleaning the best of church principles and applying them to each individual setting.

P.R.A.Y. - A simple guide on how to help persons create a prayer journal and to assist churches in creating a method of sharing prayer requests in a manner that creates more personal involvement in prayer. Can be shared in a seminar setting or individually.

Disciple-Making Preaching & Teaching - A simple guide to helping pastors and bible study teachers prepare sermons and lessons in a manner designed to lead others to grow as disciples. Can be shared in a seminar setting or individually.

The Emerging Church - A 1-3 hr. seminar introducing emerging culture shifts, examining the implications for church life, providing practical helps for church processes, and applications for church missions.

Expense: travel & lodging (if necessary) and love offering if desired

Church Tune-Up - A weekend workshop designed to help church members examine their local church to meet the needs of the future. The format guides the church to identify areas of improvement and hurts, provides methods for meeting those needs, promotes healing among members, and leads the church toward church health and active ministry.

Basic Church - A 1-3 hr. seminar/workshop designed to explain the basic nature and functions of the church. This resource is structured to be informational and motivational, leading the members to learn, in basic terms, the reasons God created the church, how the church works, and their role in the body.

Basic Baptist - A 1 hr. seminar explaining the distinctness of the Baptist confession. Differences between Baptist, non-Baptists, and world religions are revealed as the Baptist faith is examined from the historical-theological-organizational in everyday language.

Ministerial Appearance (Inside & Out) - A 1 hr. seminar for ministers and ministry students on ministerial attire, atmosphere, actions, attitude, and affirmation.

J.O.Y. in Ministry - A 1-4 hr. workshop on ministry and working in ministry settings. Originally designed for church secretaries, this workshop is beneficial for all church staff. This resource focuses on ministry actions and attitudes in interpersonal relationships and the development of people skills. Practical and relevant. Consultations available.


{Micheall is also available for Winter Bible Studies, Revivals, Retreats, Banquets, and other Seminars}

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