Spring 2015 thesis deadlines;


Friday, February 27:  Last day to present complete draft of thesis to all committee members

Monday, March 30:  Last day to defend revised draft of thesis before all committee members

Thursday, April 16:  Last day to present thesis publicly/on-campus

Friday, April 17, 12:15 p.m.: Honors Luncheon, 2-4 min. introductory presentation on thesis topic

Wednesday, April 29:  Last day to submit two required copies of revised/completed and defended thesis.   Last day to pay binding fees

Any exceptions to these established dates must be approved by the Director of the Honors Program.

Fall 2015 thesis deadlines:


Guidelines for Formatting a Honors Thesis

In preparing your thesis for submission, please refer to observe these guidelines.

I. Title Page - See attached exampleThe specific will be followed for all theses.  Also, if the thesis is to be copyrighted a copyright notice should follow this page on a separate page.  This page would not be numbered, nor counted in the numbering.

II. Acknowledgment Page - Each thesis may contain, a short biography identifying the students' academic history and collegiate accomplishments. This space may also be used to give acknowledgment to those who assisted the student in completing the thesis. This is optional.

III. Table of Contents - Each thesis should include a comprehensive listing of the thesis' chapters and/or subsections.

IV. Page Numbering - Each thesis should be numbered beginning with page 1 as the first page of content. The title/signature page is not considered the first page of the document, and is the only page in the document that does not require a page number.   The title page, table of contents, acknowledgment, preface, pages are numbered using lower case Roman numerals and the bottom center of the of page.  In the body of the text page numbers should be at the top center or top right of each page.  In the case of the any page in the text with a title (such as a chapter title) the number is always bottom center.

V. Citation - Each thesis must conform to a discipline appropriate and recognized style format including APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, etc.

VI. Preparing for Binding  - For the university copies

  • you must use an acid free or archival quality paper, 8 ½" X 11" white bond paper.
  • The manuscript should be typed on a computer, word processor, or typewriter. When copying your manuscript use an electrostatic process, such as Xerox copies.
  • A serif font should be used throughout the document in size 10, 11, or 12-point. This includes fonts such as Times New Roman and Courier New.
  • Tables, graphs, and charts should be embedded throughout the document or can be collected at the end of the main body of text. Captions for these figures should be in 10, 11 or 12-point sized text and describe the model in 2-3 sentences.
  • The left margin of your document must be at least one and one-half inches (1½"). When binding the document the spine will be on the left side so the extra space is needed. The right margin, top margin and bottom margin must all be one inch (1").
  • No headers or footers or ornamentation of pages are allowed.
  • All copies of your thesis MUST include the following items IN THE ORDER LISTED:
    1. A blank sheet of bond paper at the beginning of each copy submitted.
    2. Title/Signature Page - as example provided- the two required copies must have ORIGINAL SIGNATURES of the committee members and officials. Photo copies of signatures are not acceptable.
    3. Copyright page if necessary (unnumbered and uncounted)
    4. Acknowledgment (numbered bottom center as: ii )
    5. Table of Contents (numbered at bottom center as ii if there is no acknowledgment page or pages)
    6. Preface (not required) numbered at bottom center and following sequence of Table of Contents, i.e.  iii or iv
    7. Body of text
    8. Bibliography/References
    9. Any Appendices (not required)
    10. A blank sheet of bond paper at the end of each copy submitted. Please note a colored sheet of paper must be inserted between each copy of document.

VII. Binding the ThesisDeadlines: The binding deadline and other dates for completing the thesis are provided each semester by the Honors Program Director.  The binding deadline is the date that you must submit the signed copies of your thesis to the Honors Program Director.  Two (2) bound copies are required of your thesis.  One (1) copy will go to the library, and one (1) copy will go to the Honors Program Archives. The Honors Program will submit your bound thesis to the library for you. You may make additional copies for yourself and for your advisor(s) if you choose at the time you submit the required copies.  The Honors Program will pay for the binding of the two required copies.  Any additional copies are at your expense.  Currently the cost is $38 per copy.  This price is subject to change without notice.  The fee must be paid at the time the copies are submitted for binding.