Wayland maintains a rich vault of resources for students regardless of their academic needs.

* The Academic Achievement department offers courses in math, English and writing to boost students needing help in those areas before heading into the full college-level literature, writing and algebra courses.

* The Academic Calendar lists important dates for students, including breaks, holidays, deadlines to add or drop courses and have vital paperwork complete.

* For the Academic Class Schedule, this schedule has the classes for the summer term and the fall 08 schedule. Please consult Student Services if you require further information. IQ Web will have the latest listing for all campuses and all classes.

* The annual Course Catalog lists every course offered at Wayland across all disciplines and is a valuable resource for procedures and policies on everything from tuition and financial aid to admissions guidelines and degree plans.

* Credit by Examination is available in certain disciplines for students who wish to test out of coursework they feel they have already mastered.

* Tutorial Services are offered free by the university in a variety of disciplines for students who need an extra measure of assistance in a course. Students are tutored by their peers who are deemed qualified in a particular subject matter.

* The Learning Resources Center is the library facility at Wayland and offers books as well as periodicals, historical archives, a Biblical library, children's books, teacher's resource area and study rooms for a quiet setting. The LRC is also home to the art gallery and a computer lab for student use in the lower level.