faculty services:

Volunteering in the Writing Center

We are so happy that faculty members are interested in devoting a portion of their office hours to tutoring in the Writing Center.

Whenever possible faculty tutors will be matched with students from their area of specialty. For instance, students who are working on a history essay will work with a Social Science faculty member. If a student is in your class, and wants you to tutor him/her in the WC, then it is necessary for him/her to make an appointment with us through WCONLINE, which can be found here https://wbu.mywconline.com. That way if the faculty member cannot make it because of an emergency, we can arrange ahead of time to have a back-up tutor ready. Of course the student may wish to reschedule the appointment and meet with the same faculty member at a different time. We will be happy to accommodate both students and faculty under these circumstances.

The Writing Center wants to maintain a close working relationship with WBU faculty members in order to ensure that we give their students the best writing advice possible. We always have time to address faculty concerns or questions so please call, email, or drop in for a visit.