The Master of Arts in Management is designed to prepare individuals currently in or seeking management positions for the challenges of management in the 21st Century. The degree focuses on developing leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills in order to foster the freedom to accomplish tasks, set goals, and develop relationships necessary for professional success and advancement. The 39-credit hour program offers three areas of specialization: Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, and Organization Management. The admission standards and requirements are detailed at “Admissions Information.”  Up to twelve (12) hours of graduate business course credit may be awarded toward the M.A.M. degree requirements for approved courses from another institution or from Intermediate and/or Senior Education Levels of the Military Services of the United States of America (official documentation of successful completion is required). All programs are governed by the University’s official academic catalog. APPLY.

Core Courses (24 hours)
BUAD 5300 - Foundations of Management Theory and Practice
MGMT 5306 - Leadership and Management Development
MGMT 5320 - Research Methods
MGMT 5325 - Organizational Development and Behavior
MGMT 5350 - Strategic Management for the MAM
MISM 5306 - Management of Information Systems
One from
           MGMT 5309 - Strategies of Human Resource Management (for HRM & OM specializations)
           HLAD 5309 – Health Professions Human Resource Management (for HCA specialization)
One from
            BUAD 5304 – Ethics (for HRM & OM specializations)
            HLAD 5330 – Health Care Ethical Considerations (for HCA specialization)

Health Care Administration Specialization - (15 hours from the following)
HLAD 5305 - Management of Health Facilities
HLAD 5316 - Selected Topics in Health Administration
HLAD 5334 - Health Care Delivery Systems
HLAD 5337 - Health Care Law
HLAD 5340 - Long-Term Care Administration
HLAD 5346 - Regulatory Aspects of Long-Term Health Care
(BUAD 5360 - Practicum/Internship can be substituted for one specialization course)

Human Resource Management Specialization - (the following 15 hours)

Note: Program aligns with HR curriculum suggested by the Society for Human Resource Management

MGMT 5313 - Diversity Management:
BUAD 5315 - Legal Environment
MGMT 5343 - Compensation, Benefit and Performance
MGMT 5344 - Career Development and Management
MGMT 5345 - Employee Recruitment and Selection

Organization Management Specialization - (15 hours from the following)
MGMT 5305 - Organizational Theory
MGMT 5315 - Legal Environment
MGMT 5316 - Selected Topics in Management
MGMT 5318 - Production and Operations Management
MGMT 5326 - International Management
MGMT 5330 - Negotiations in Management
MGMT 5339 - Stress Management
BUAD 5360 – Practicum/Internship can be substituted for one specialization course