WBU Campuses Offering Master's Programs

Graduate work is currently offered at the following campuses. In TEXAS: Amarillo, Lubbock, Plainview, San Antonio and Wichita Falls. Other locations include Anchorage, AK; Fairbanks, AK, Mililani , HI; Phoenix, AZ; Sierra Vista, AZ;  Altus OK; and Clovis, NM and Albuquerque, NM. Please email the Office of Graduate Studies at the Plainview Campus at or the campus dean at any of the other locations for a current list of the programs offered.

Residence Requirement
Candidates for all graduate degrees must complete a minimum of 24 graduate hours at Wayland Baptist University.

Requirements for the Master's Degree

General university requirements for the master's degree include:

  1. A minimum of 36 semester hours of approved graduate credit,
  2. A minimum of 24 graduate semester hours at Wayland Baptist University
  3. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale computed on all graduate work taken at Wayland. No grade of less than C and no more than four semester hours with the letter grade of C earned at Wayland will be accepted as credit for any master's degree. No course with the grade of less than B will be accepted as graduate transfer credit.
  4. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination or integrative capstone course, depending on the degree program.
  5. A minimum of 12 semester hours must be earned in the classroom at Wayland Baptist university for all Master's students.

Second Master's Degree
A student who already holds a master's degree and wishes to receive a second master's degree must complete all University requirements for the degree, including a minimum of 24 additional semester hours in residence. A student may apply a maximum of 12 semester hours of related graduate credit from an earlier graduate degree to a master's degree at Wayland; however; the second degree must be different than the first degree awarded.

College Teaching Credentials
A student seeking a master's degree for the purpose of college teaching are advised that regional accreditation agencies typically require college teachers to hold a minimum of a master's degree and 18 graduate hours in the specific discipline. Institutional requirements may very.

Student Appeals
The University recognizes that circumstances may occur which are beyond the student's control and which adversely affect academic progress. If a student is withdrawn for failure to comply with satisfactory progress criteria or enrollment requirements, or if a student feels that the grade assigned for a class is unfair, the student may appeal in writing to the Vice President of Academic Services/Graduate Studies. Grade appeals will follow the procedure outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual. The Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies or the campus dean can provide students with a copy of this procedure.

Internship or Practicum
A student may be required to enroll in an internship or practicum unless acceptable documentation indicates that professional work experience fulfills those competencies established for the internship or practicum. The determination of the appropriateness of substituted work experience rests with the student's graduate advisor, the dean of the school, and the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies. Although appropriate work experience may satisfy the internship/practicum requirement, it will not count toward the total semester hours required for a master's degree. A student with appropriate work experience should choose, with approval of the advisor, an appropriate elective course that will strengthen the degree plan. Credit for practicum will be on a credit/no credit basis.

Although not all graduate programs offered by the University require a thesis, each program involves the student in the use of appropriate research tools and the evaluation of research findings. In addition, graduate faculty are well trained in research techniques and will guide students in developing respect for research as a means of seeking truth.

Class Attendance
The University expects students to make class attendance a priority in the graduate program. Faculty members must provide a copy of attendance requirements within one week of the beginning of the academic term. Any student in a program for which an outside agency (such as the Veteran's Administration) has stricter requirements will be subject to those requirements. The Registrar's office or the External Campus Dean will provide each student affected a list of these regulations. Instructors will determine if any absence can be excused. When a student reaches that number of absences considered by the instructor to be excessive, the instructor will so advice the student and file an unsatisfactory progress report with the Registrar or the Campus Dean. Any student who misses 25% or more of the regularly scheduled class meetings will receive a grade of F in the course. Additional attendance policies for each course, as defined by the instructor in the course syllabus, are considered a part of the University's attendance policy. Student appeals should be addressed, in writing to the Campus Dean or to the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies.

Completion of Courses

Incomplete or In-Progress Work
The grade of incomplete (I) is granted only in exceptional circumstances and requires the instructor to file the correct form with the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies. An outline of the work to be completed and the time span (in no case longer than one regular academic term) allowable for the work's completion must be included in the form. In no case may repetition of the course be assigned as work to be completed. The grade of IP (in progress) will be assigned to a course indicating that at the conclusion of the term the course was still in progress. If the work has not been completed at the end of the specified time, the "I" will be changed to an F. A student will not be cleared for graduation until all incomplete grades have been eliminated.

Petition for a Course Substitution
Under certain circumstances, substitutions for required courses may be necessary and appropriate. The student must have approval from the graduate advisor prior to initiating a course substitution. To initiate a course substitution, the student should complete and sign the course substitution form, which must then be approved by the dean of the school and Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies. Substitutions for core courses are not allowed. Under certain circumstances, up to six hours of substitutions may be allowed in the M. Ed. core. The Graduate Council must approve such substitutions. The School of Education chair may recommend substitutions for required courses for teacher certification, if allowable under state certification policies. The form to petition for course substitutions is available in the offices of the dean of the school or the Vice President for Academic Services/Graduate Studies.

Repetition of a Course
A graduate student may repeat once any course taken at the University. All grades received will remain on the transcript, but only the second grade will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA.

A course may be repeated for multiple credit toward graduation only when so designated in the catalog course description and approved by the graduate advisor and academic school dean In cases where this regulation is violated, only the last effort will be calculated into the GPA.

Auditing Courses
A student may attend classes for a graduate course without receiving credit if he or she completes a Graduate Application for Admission at the time of registration, provides a copy of the latest official transcript with a degree posted, and has the permission of both the instructor of the course and either the campus dean or the chair of the school in which the course is offered. A fee of one-third tuition in addition to all course fees is required. No credit is awarded and no record of the student's attendance is maintained. A student will not be given permission to audit a course until the first day of classes. Audits are on a space-available basis and no refund will be given if the course is dropped. Under no circumstance may an audit be converted to credit.

Graduate Student toll free number:  1-877-844-4544