The academic programs at Wayland Baptist are offered through eight distinct University Schools. Each of these Schools has its own mission, faculty, and organizational structure. At the same time, they are all founded upon Wayland Baptist’s enduring mission to prepare in a Christian environment broadly educated individuals who are effectively equipped for life in the 21st century.

School Behavioral and Social Sciences
The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences is dedicated to the various concepts of studying people in order to gain an understanding of how social and psychological aspects of life shape the behavior of people and the society in which they live. The School provides students with a broad education through programs which relate higher education to the human experience.

School of Business
The School of Business is dedicated to providing quality undergraduate and graduate programs to traditional and non-traditional students. The School emphasizes a Christian approach to the practice of business and prepares graduates who demonstrate a high level of professional competence.

School of Education
The School of Education is dedicated to meeting the needs of a diverse range of students who are connected by a common commitment to teaching, Christian values, and scholarship. The School emphasizes field-based learning and features state-of-the-art learning facilities in the recently remodeled Van Howling Educational Complex.

School of Fine Arts
The School of Fine Arts is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for self-expression and performance that will lead students to a deeper understanding of the arts. The School strives to enhance communication skills and prepare students for social, aesthetic, and intellectual interaction.

School of Languages and Literature
The School of Languages and Literature is dedicated to fostering a free and responsible exploration of truth, both actual and literary. The School emphasizes the improvement of language skills, the appreciation of literature as an interpretation of life, and the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively.

School of Math and Science
The School of Math and Science is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge that provides answers to the intricate workings of the natural world. The School offers high-quality courses, programs, and research opportunities in the areas of biology, chemistry, earth science, and mathematics.

School of Music
The School of Fine Arts is dedicated to providing both liberal arts and professional programs for students who plan to enter some phase of music as a career and to provide all students at Wayland with opportunities to gain cultural knowledge of music as part of the academic preparation, including participation in performing ensembles

School of Religion and Philosophy
The School of Religion and Philosophy is dedicated to providing theological education and training for students interested in ministry and to providing services to persons, churches, and denominational entities. The School offers a carefully designed curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse range of students who bring a colorful array of life aspirations.