• Completion of the general education core, including completion of the 12 semester hours of English and three semester hours of speech.
  • No final grade below C for any professional development course or certification area course.
  • Completion of the requirements for the student's teaching field(s) including any courses specified as prerequisites for student teaching.
  • Completion at Wayland of a minimum of nine semester hours of required professional education courses at the student's level of certification.
  • Completion of the August Experience. Students placed in fall student teaching will automatically fulfill the requirements for the August Experience. Students anticipating student teaching in the spring should contact the School of Education director of student teaching no later than April 15 for information concerning completion of this requirement.
  • Completion of a criminal background check.
  • Recommendation by the Teacher Education Council (the council is composed of faculty members from the various Schools offering teacher certification). It is the function of the committee to review the student's application and determine whether the student is eligible and will be admitted to the student teaching program.