The teacher education field experience program begins in the student's sophomore year with structured classroom visitation and observation experiences. The student's field experience progressively intensifies and increases the student's involvement during the senior year and culminates with a full-day student teaching experience. Classroom visitation, observation, and small group presentations are included as a scheduled part of teacher education classes. An experience in August of the academic year in which they register for student teaching provides students the opportunity to observe and participate in activities normally associated with the beginning of school and is part of the student teaching experience.

All teacher certification programs, with the exception of Trade and Industry Vocational Certification, require student teaching. Admission to the University's student teaching program is restricted to those students who meet the prerequisite criteria and have been approved by the teacher education council for student teaching. As student teaching is an all-day, all-semester assignment, it is strongly recommended that the student take this factor into consideration before registering for additional course work during the student teaching semester. Student teaching must be completed at Wayland unless a written cooperative agreement with another university is on file with the School of Education office.

The application form for admission to student teaching may be obtained from the School of Education office or the teacher education advisor. Applications must be filed by April 15 of the spring semester prior to the academic year in which the student will be doing student teaching.