The State, not the University, certifies an individual to teach. Therefore, certification is not automatic with the completion of an approved program of study. Upon completion of the required program of study and passing the appropriate state licensure test (TExES), a student may apply for certification through the Certification Officer.  Students should make application for the appropriate certificate or endorsement during the last semester in which they complete all requirements for a certificate or endorsement. The application and required fee shall be forwarded to the State Board for Educator Certification, which has authority for the issuance of certificates/licenses. In compliance with 19 TAC SS141.5, every applicant must be investigated for a record of a felony or misdemeanor conviction. Students who have completed the teacher education program and have not taken the state license test (TExES) the year following the completion of the program may be required to do additional work or review to obtain permission to take the state (TExES) test.

Students wanting a teaching certificate from a state other than Texas must apply with the state education agency of the state where certification is sought. Most states have established agreements with Texas, and the Texas teaching certificate is honored. Each state may require the student to take additional tests or courses.