Career and Technology Education courses



CTED 3321. Principles of Supervision for Education and Training - perspectives regarding supervision in the workplace; supervisory activities that meet the needs of adults; practice using techniques. 

CTED 4302. Aims and Objectives of Workforce Development - identify purposes and
structures of general and vocational education; development of career and technology education in the U.S.;  need to reinforce basic skills; organizational structure; financial support and administration; professional qualifications of instructors; current trends and legislation and its effects on the present and future programs; and concepts of SCANS, 21st Century Goals, and Tech Prep.

CTED 4303. Human Relations for Technical Instructors - effective working relationships
with students, counselors, other school personnel, persons in the community, and the industrial public;study of self concepts, personality, motives, values, sense perception, emotions, and attitudes; critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

CTED 4304. Designing, Delivering and Managing Instruction - instructional models and assessments that emphasize developmental characteristics and learning processes; skills to apply techniques and procedures for effective, coherent and engaging instruction.

CTED 4308. Implementing Instruction and Assessment - implementing instruction that actively engages the learner;  incorporates work-based learning principles;  uses management skills to foster learning;  focuses on the use of entrepreneurial, employability, and safety skills.

CTED 4309. Fulfilling Professional Roles and Responsibilities - reviewing knowledge and skills in teacher assessment, certification, ethical and legal requirements in preparation for classroom teaching;  developing professional relationships to enhance student achievement; and suggestions for developing leadership skills.

CTED 4316. The Adult Learner - investigating principles of learning applicable to the adult learner; examining learning theories and styles related to adult learners and motivation.

CTED 4333. Statistics - descriptive and inferential statistical concepts; techniques commonly used in research, including the organization of data, graphical representation, measures of central tendency and variability, normal distribution curve, sampling theory;  testing for significant differences between related and independent samples.

CTED 4334. Instructional Systems Design - analyzing learning systems, associated learning theories, and educational and training systems techniques used in the instructional programs of industry.

CTED 4360. Internship in Trade and Industrial Instruction I - supervision in a secondary classroom/laboratory setting in a public school;  creating a portfolio of lesson plans and projects.

CTED 4361. Internship in Trade and Industrial Instruction II - continuation of CTED
4360.  Students are enrolled in the course for one complete academic year.  The student may elect to take the course as a six hour block spanning both semesters of the academic year or may enroll in CTED 4360 in the fall and CTED 4361 in the spring semester for a total of six hours.