EDAD 5302. Data Analysis in Educational Administration - Development of research skills and the interpretation and application of educational law.

EDAD 5326. Effective School Organization and Improvement - Investigation of the
research pertaining to effective schools and examination of the patterns of organization and instruction in these schools which will lead to continuous improvement. Emphasis on visionary thinking and excellence.

EDAD 5331. Introduction to School Administration - Organizational Behavior and
- Theory and research regarding human behavior in organizations, with special reference to schools. Major topics: historical schools of thought; power and authority; motivation; and social systems concepts.

EDAD 5332. School Law - State school law and Federal constitution and laws are examined to determine their impact on the operation and management of the individual campus and the school district.

EDAD 5333. Supervision of Instructional Leadership - supervisory behavior and its related functions. Students are expected to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes leading to an appropriate climate for instruction. Emphasis on equity and excellence. Prerequisite: EDUD 5336.

EDAD 5335. The Principalship - Management of the internal organization of the schools with respect to scheduling, student grouping, staffing, curriculum, student progress systems, special programs, and grading/reporting systems; community relations at the school site; legal aspects of school site management; and use of microcomputers.

EDAD 5336. Instructional Leadership II - course designed to certify individuals in
Instructional Leadership Training (ILD). Emphasis on research findings, leadership development, and training Professional Learning Communities training. Prerequisite: EDAD 5326. $75.00 course fee for EDAD 5336

EDAD 5337. Application of Administrative Concepts - Use of administrative concepts in the solution of problems in a simulated school; assessment of student ability to apply knowledge in the solution of practical problems; time management techniques for administrators; conflict management strategies; and school and principal effectiveness.

EDAD 5339. Campus Business Management - Study is made of the management of school services for which the chief administrator of an educational unit is responsible. Topics considered include attendance accounting, financial accounting, property accounting, and general administrative details.

EDAD 5340. Special Populations and Programs - Study is made of special programs offered Course Offerings 245 in public schools including special and compensatory education, bilingual and ESL education, adult and continuing education, and vocational and technical education.

EDAD 6301. The School Plant - The course is designed for school superintendents, business managers, and other school personnel whose responsibilities include school plant planning and management. Topics considered include how to use and maintain present school plants, keeping the school board and community informed as to building needs, selecting architects, and financing construction, and the developing educational specifications.

EDAD 6302. The Superintendency - The preparation and qualifications of the successful
school administrator and the duties, responsibilities and problems of the school superintendency. A significant number of hours of field work are required. Prerequisites: Mid-management or principal certification and admissions to superintendency program.

EDAD 6303. Public School Finance and Business Operations - The principle of school
finance, budgeting and accounting and the related procedures and problems of local administration. A significant number of hours of field work are required. Prerequisites: Mid-management or principal certification and admissions to the superintendency program.

EDAD 6304. Superintendency Seminar - The individual and collective study of the superintendency from both a theoretical and field-based perspective. The course presents a series of culminating scenarios that connects research-based leadership practices with recognized proficiencies of leadership achievement. A significant number of hours of field work are required. Prerequisites: Mid-management or principal certification and admission to superintendency program.

EDAD 6349. Principal Internship - supervised experience in an educational setting leading toward principal certification. This capstone course is for those individuals seeking state license. The state examination or an approved alternative examination are part of the course and the course stands in place of the comprehensive examination. Students engage in 200 hours of experience that correlate with the TExES proficiencies.

EDAD 6350. Superintendency Internship - Supervised practicum in public, private or
parochial schools. Students engage in 125 hours of experiences that correlate with the TExES proficiencies: Learner-Centered Leadership, Learner-Centered Climate and Learner-Centered Curriculum and Instruction, Learner-Centered Professional Development, Equity in Excellence for all Learners, Learner-Centered Communication.