Activity Courses - Several of the physical activity courses have an equipment fee and/or
facility rental. Those courses are listed below.

EXSS 1100. Intercollegiate Competitive Activity - a course designed for participation in intercollegiate competitive programs in the areas of athletics, cheer and dance; credit may be used only once for participation in intercollegiate competitive activities.

EXSS 1101. Bowling - skill development in bowling as a lifetime recreational activity, includes rules and equipment. Fee: $85.

EXSS 1102. Ballet - introduction to the study of the elements of classical ballet through exploration of movement principles as defined by traditional ballet techniques. Focus on elements of ballet and core techniques. Application towards the development of technical skills, spatial awareness, physical dynamics, and personal physical management. Attention to the development of performance quality. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1103. Recreational Shooting - teaches correct handling of firearms and weapons, such as bows and arrows, shotguns, rifles and pistols, for lifetime recreational and leisure pursuit. Opportunity for Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Certification. Fee: $45.

EXSS 1104. Golf - skill development in golf as a lifetime recreational and fitness activity, includes rules regulations, equipment and etiquette. Fee: $50.

EXSS 1105. Swimming - for the non-swimmer or novice, includes instruction on the front crawl, elementary backstroke, jumping, diving, deep water skills and basic water safety. Improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, helps develop lifetime fitness and recreational activity. Fee: $50.

EXSS 1109. Step Aerobics - skill development in fitness oriented activities, using dance and weights. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1110. Jazz Dance - an introduction to Jazz Dance through a beginning technique class. Students learn the fundamentals of Jazz Dance. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1112. Concepts of Fitness - examines latest research in fitness and physiological wellness components. Focuses on achieving physical fitness and wellness throughout lifespan. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1113. Karate - includes Taekwondo karate, katas and fighting forms. Students learn to do defensive movements through traditional and Americanized styles. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1114. Weight Training - theory and application of a variety of exercises and programs enhancing hypertrophy, strength, power and muscular endurance. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1117. Aerobic Activities - develops overall physical fitness, including improvement of cardiorespiratory fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength and lean body mass. Includes sport and exercise movements. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1119. Walking and Jogging - promotes cardiovascular fitness, helping to reduce the risk of chronic and degenerative diseases associated with the heart, lungs, and vascular system. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1121. Fly Fishing - examines history of fly fishing along with methods used for most species of fish. Casting, fishing, selection of tackle and fishing knots included. Weekend trips to various fishing areas. Fee: $350.

EXSS 1122. Pilates - promotes total body conditioning, but a focus on the core. Series of moves to keep the body balanced, essential to providing support for the spine. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1123.  Cycling - proper techniques of road cycling to maintain or improve cardiovascular health and experience a lifelong physical activity; topics in bicycle maintenance, training strategies, and road safety.

EXSS 1124. Snow Skiing - includes beginning and intermediate skiing techniques. Held in ski resort, with one week of instruction. Fee: $550.

EXSS 1125. Judo - non-competitive Judo class for the purpose of acquiring basic understanding of the skills and terminology of Judo. These skills include: falling, throwing, mat holds, arm bars and choking techniques. This is a beginner level introduction to the art and sport of Judo.
No martial arts expedience is required, but flexibility and conditioning are emphasized. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1128. Racket Sports - introduces fundamentals of racquetball, tennis and badminton. Includes basic skills, offensive and defensive strategies and rules and regulations. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1130. Core Activity - Zumba - cardio workout inspired by Latin American music. Uses fast and slow Latin American moves, improving cardiovascular fitness, total body toning with interval training. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1131. Fitness Yoga - examination of concepts, postures, inversions and breath control in yoga. Participation required. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1132. Self Defense - helps women to develop skill, both physical and mental, to effectively defend themselves in difficult situations. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1133. Water Aerobics - non impacted form of exercise with the benefits of cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility. Participation required. Fee: $50.

EXSS 1135. Camping and Backpacking - participation and instruction in basic camping and backpacking. Fee: $100.

EXSS 1136. W Games - activities that promote high involvement and interest; topics will vary from term to term. Fee: $25.

EXSS 1137. Personal Conditioning - students are fitness tested and implement personal exercise plans. Competencies established by the National Council on Strength and Fitness Organization's Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Program. Fee: $35..

EXSS 1138. Social Dance - course to introduce the history and basic skills of rock, ballroom, folk, square and country western dance to the beginning student. Fee: $35.

EXSS 1139. Mixed Martial Arts - a full contact combat sport; use of both striking and grappling techniques; combines elements of boxing, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, muay Thai, kickboxing, karate, judo and other styles.

EXSS 1140. Spinning - proper techniques of cycling to maintain or improve cardiovascular health.

EXSS 1141.  Angling - proper techniques of various forms of angling to maintain or improve health and experience a lifelong physical activity; topics in equipment maintenance, fishing strategies, ecology, and safety.  Fee: $25.

EXSS 1142.  Elementary Tai Chi - knowledge of and participation in Tai Chi exercise, a Chinese martial art transformed into health-enhancing exercise; includes 24 form (Yang-style) Tai Chi, warm-up exercises, basic requirements of mind and body, and breathing skills important to Tai Chi practice.

EXSS 1143.  Elementary Tumbling - knowledge of and participation in tumbling skills and conditioning involved in this sport; includes rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, and front-and back-handsprings.

EXSS 1144.  Activities to Enhance Learning - specific physical activities based upon brain research that support link of movement and physical activity to increased academic performance and achievement; topics in sensory components of balance, coordination, spatial awareness and directionality, and visual literacy activities as combined with games and developmental skills to enhance children's learning; designed for preservice elementary teachers.

EXSS 1161, 1162, 2161, 2162, 3161, 3162, 4161, 4162.   Clinical Apprenticeship in Sports Medicine - athletic training lab experiences with 200 clock hours of laboratory experience required. Hours utilized in training room, on field, gymnasium and track as experiences in the care, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries to student athletes. Needs to be available for and participate in special pre fall and late spring preparations for athletes. $40 fee for each course.

EXSS 1301. Foundations of Physical Education and Sport - examination of the history, philosophy, modern trends and professional opportunities in physical education and sport.

EXSS 2200. Successful Coaching - practices of successful coaches across various sports. Analyze the coaching profession from different perspectives - psychology, physiology, ethics, motivation, human resources, team building, leadership, followership, and service.

EXSS 2201. Coaching of Baseball & Softball - acquaint students with the rules, techniques, and strategies of baseball and softball. Participation required.

EXSS 2202. Coaching of Basketball - examination of the rules regulations and coaching theory of basketball. Participation required.

EXSS 2203. Coaching of Volleyball - designed to acquaint students with the rules, techniques, and strategies of volleyball.

EXSS 2204. Coaching of Football - examination of the rules regulations and coaching theory of football. Participation required.

EXSS 2205. Coaching of Track & Field - designed to acquaint students with the rules, techniques, and strategies of track and field. Participation required.

EXSS 2206. Coaching of Soccer - designed to acquaint students with the rules, techniques, and strategies of soccer.

EXSS 2207. Coaching Wrestling - development of wrestling through coaching. Understanding of the different fundamentals, equipment, qualifications, certifications, memberships, organizations and legalities involved with coaching wrestling. History of wrestling and youth groups and competitive levels involved with the sport.

EXSS 2304. Safety and First Aid - examination of procedures in safety, first aid and CPR. Emphasis on the key principles of first aid. Student CPR and safety and first aid certification cards issued at completion of course upon passing certification tests. Fee: $50.

EXSS 2305. Introduction to Personal and Community Health - acquaints students with basic concepts in health related issues. Emphasis placed on maintaining personal health and recognition of the community's needs and concerns for health. Specified for students pursuing state licensure in athletic training.

EXSS 2306. Foundations of Health and Wellness - examination of personal health and wellness issues, including diet, social and family aspects, medical considerations and psychological factors. Course fulfills requirement for the BAS degree.

EXSS 3100. Survival - prepares the student for that unplanned night or nights in the woods or other environment. Provides skills needed to survive: finding water and food, shelter, first aid, fire making and making a survival kit.

EXSS 3101. Sports Officiating of Fall Sports - introduces the rules, fundamental mechanics and practice of officiating football, basketball, and volleyball. Opportunities provided for student to officiate.

EXSS 3102. Sports Officiating of Spring Sports - introduces the fundamental mechanics and practice of officiating baseball, softball, and soccer.

EXSS 3301. Sports Skills for Majors and Minors - examines theories and applications of programs that improve students’ abilities in planning physical education offerings. Provides fundamental information in number of sports and activities. Prepares student by incorporating teaching considerations, techniques and information on special populations. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3304. Adaptive Physical Education - examines theories and applications of developing, implementing and monitoring a carefully designed physical education instructional program for learners with disabilities. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3306. Introduction to Motor Learning - gives physical education major knowledge base in study of changes in motor learning and motor performance across life span. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3307. Nutrition and Human Performance - an introduction to nutrition as they relate to sport and human performance; science behind sport nutrition and rationale behind the nutrition guidelines. Prerequisite: EXSS 1112.

EXSS 3308. Foundations of Athletic Training - introductory course to field of athletic training. Examines scientific and clinical data in athletic training and sports medicine. Prevention and basic care of athletic injuries covered. Prerequisite: EXSS 2304 or consent of instructor. Fee: $30.

EXSS 3310. Recreational Leadership and Activities - examines variety of recreational programs for schools, churches, and the community; rhythmic activities and games, ropes courses and fitness trails, emphasis on leadership skills, planning and activities and operations for professionals.

EXSS 3312. Physiology of Exercise - examines extensive practical and clinical applications to evaluate body’s acute response to exercise and chronic adaptation to exercise training. Prerequisite: BIOL 1400, EXSS1301.

EXSS 3315. Kinesiology - examines movement, motor skills in relation to anatomical, mechanical principles, and the physical laws which govern them. Prerequisite: BIOL 1400, EXSS1301.

EXSS 3316. Biomechanics - Examines human movement through an examination of physical and natural forces acting on and through the body. Prerequisites: BIOL 1400, EXSS 1301, and EXSS 3306

EXSS 3320. Introduction to Sport Management - examines job responsibilities and competencies required of sport managers in a variety of sports or sports-related organizations. Provides overview of different facets and career opportunities available in sport management. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3321. Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity - examines social institution of sport in American society; includes social organizations, professional sports; violence and discrimination; women and ethnic minorities in sport; and the socialization implications from participation in sports. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3322. Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity - examines relationship of psychology to sport and exercise. Includes history, application of learning principles, social psychology, personality variables, psychological assessment, youth sport, adult sport, and diversity issues in sport and exercise. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3323. Legal Aspects of Sport - helps student develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the law and legal issues as related to sport and physical activities. Covers how to prevent and forestall litigation against their organization, and identify when necessary to retain an attorney. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3322.  Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity - examines relationship of psychology to sport and exercise. Includes history, application of learning principles, social psychology, personality variables, psychological assessment, youth sport, adult sport, and diversity issues in sport and exercise.  Prerequisite:  EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3323.  Legal Aspects of Sport - helps student develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the law and legal issues as related to sport and physical activities. Covers how to prevent and forestall litigation against their organization, and identify when necessary to retain an attorney.  Prerequisite:  EXSS 1301.

EXSS 3331. Program Development for Elementary Health and Physical Education - examines curriculum, instructional methods and activities that are appropriate for elementary physical education and health instruction.   Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 4100. Capstone Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science - provides classroom-inter-active approach to review the knowledge and experience from all course work in the major. Assessment of student’s knowledge of physical education plus its history, issues and trends. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

EXSS 4114. Advanced Weight Training - introduces intermediate and advanced student to
vast selection of modalities and principles used to improve strength, body shape, and
endurance. Uses Advanced Resistance training techniques and programs, for individuals with basic skills. Prerequisite: EXSS 1112 and 1114.

EXSS 4163, 4164. Practicum for Personal Trainer I and II - student designs and plans personal fitness prescriptions based on personal and physical characteristics and developments, monitors and oversees the workout for the client. Includes a minimum of 45 hours of work with the clients. Prerequisites: Junior standing and a EXSS Fitness Management specialization.

EXSS 4165, 4166, 4167. Practicum in Exercise and Sport Science - student works in fitness management area. Design, manage and oversee fitness and recreation areas. Student maintains a journal of responsibilities, documents activities and evaluates success of activities. Through reflective analysis, student identifies areas of improvement. Based on a minimum of six weeks apprenticeship and 45 hours of supervised work. Prerequisites: Junior standing and EXSS Fitness Management specialization.

EXSS 4300. Exercise Prescription - gives EXSS non-teaching and EXSS majors a fundamental understanding of competencies in designing and implementing exercise plans for all ages. Based on competencies established by the National Council on Strength and Fitness Organization Advanced Personal Trainer Certification Program. Fee:$225 which covers certification. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301 or consent of the instructor.

EXSS 4301. Principles and Techniques of Strength Conditioning - designed for students taking fitness management composite major with specialization in fitness and strength. Emphasis placed on preparing students for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification. Prerequisite: EXSS 1112, 3312, and 3315; BIOL 2401.

EXSS 4302. Administration of Physical Education and Sport Programs - acquaints students with inherent policies, practices and procedures involved in organization and administration of physical education and sport programs. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301.

EXSS 4305. Selected Topics in Exercise and Sport Science - taken as a class or as individual project. Course may be repeated for credit with topic changes. Prerequisites: Nine hours of advanced exercise and sport science courses and junior standing.

EXSS 4306. Program Development for Secondary Physical Education – examines methods and concepts of instruction in the physical education and health curriculum for secondary schools. Modeling of various instructional methods. Field experience. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301

EXSS 4308. Advanced Techniques in Athletic Training - prepares students to recognize, assess, and manage sports-related injuries. Special emphasis on training room supervision, legal liability, injury, insurance claims, record keeping, budgeting, rehabilitation and injury recognition. For students pursuing state licensure in athletic training.

EXSS 4309. Therapeutic Modalities - study theories, applications, and methods of various modalities including but not limited to: Cryotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, acoustic therapy, compression, traction, and massage.

EXSS 4310. Outdoor Education - acquaints students with principles, purposes, activities, and skills of outdoor education. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301. $40 fee.

EXSS 4311. Adventure Education - helps students acquire knowledge and skill needed to lead adventure activities in outdoor recreational, including educational, church, and other settings. Includes introduction to activities such as backpacking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, orienteering, bicycling, and ropes courses. Prerequisite: EXSS 1301. Fee: $40.

EXSS 4320. Sport Communication - acquaints students with public and media relations in sport administration; presentation principles, standards and guideline in sport public relations; information technology and its role in sport; concepts of public relations with sport and leisure organizations. Prerequisite: EXSS 3322.

EXSS 4321. Sport Promotion and Marketing - provides framework for understanding how various marketing strategies are formulated, implemented, and evaluated in sports context. Sports are major economic activities of our modern society, and knowledge of role marketing in its operation has emerged as valuable asset to all involved. Prerequisite: EXSS 3322.

EXSS 4360. Internship in Exercise and Sport Science - students work in the recreation, leisure and sport industries. The internship is a 200 hour experience under the guidance of a university professor and a professional in the exercise and sports area. May be taken as a summer or as a term course. Reflective logs and journals are submitted.

EXSS 5300. Leadership in Sport Management - examination of leadership skills, human resource management, ethical practices and administrative decision making. Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.

EXSS 5301. Sports Marketing - planning, promotions (advertising), implementation, and market analysis; fundamental principles in the marketing of sport, products, events, and quality of service. Prerequisite: Graduate Status.

EXSS 5302. Sports Budgeting and Finance - fundamentals and applications of financial techniques in the administration and operation of sport organizations. Prerequisite: EXSS 5300.

EXSS 5303. Sports Law and Issues - Legal factors affecting physical education, recreation, amateur athletics and professional sport; analysis of case law. Prerequisite: Admission to graduate school.

EXSS 5304. Sports Psychology - psychological factors of sports participation for coaches, athletes, and other participants; concepts applicable to individual and group processes. Prerequisite: EXSS 5300.

EXSS 5305. Sport Event and Facility Management - Planning, funding, and operating sporting events and sports/recreation facilities; application of planning, organization, and execution of sport and entertainment events. Fund raising and charity management; management of small and large scale facilities and event venues. Site visits and interactions. Prerequisite: EXSS 5300.