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One of the areas of human existence that all students have a responsibility to develop is that of physical and emotional well-being, including the development of skills and attitudes that maintain soundness of mind and body. The Department of Exercise and Sport Science provides an activity course program that has a twofold emphasis: (1) the teaching of total wellness concepts that include health-related fitness principles; and (2) the development of knowledge and skills in activities that can enhance personal fitness and lead to positive use of leisure time.

The purpose of the professional program offered by the Department of Exercise and Sport
Science is the preparation of students to assume positions as teachers, coaches, community and recreational leaders, fitness and health specialists, and sports administrators. Courses of study offered through the department include the major, minor, and teaching field in physical education as well as the minor in coaching. Additional coursework is available for students who are interested in becoming licensed athletic trainers. This plan requires courses from the Physical Education major and other specialized courses and experiences as specified by the Texas State Department of Health. Upon graduation, each student in the professional program must have sufficient skills to teach, perform, and assess a variety of physical and recreational pursuits; successfully complete a battery of personal fitness standards; participate each term in regular and varied physical activity; and successfully pass a knowledge-based exam covering all areas of the field. For more information, the student is directed to see the Dean of the School of Education.

The department of Exercise and Sports Science in under the leadership of Dr. Jim Todd, Dean of the School of Education. The School of Education offer programs in exercise and sport science, fitness management, all level physical education teaching certificate, and pre-license in athletic training. A minor is also available in coaching.