Communication Studies focuses on human communication in a variety of formats, media and contexts.  Our courses offer a balanced attention to theory, research and application.  Coursework emphasizes the importance of communication in interpersonal, organizational, intercultural and political contexts.  The department provides opportunities for students to gain experience and confidence in public speaking/presentations, to develop and hone skills in argumentation, to cultivate problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, and to handle conflicts on different levels in constructive manners through effective communication.

Communication Major - The major in communication requires 33 semester hours, of which 15 must be from upper-level courses. *3 hours are included in the general education core.  Requirements for minors on page 192 of the 2010-2011 catalogue.

  COMS 1302 - Interpretation and Performance of Literature

  MCOM 1301 - Introduction to Media

  COMS 3301 - Communication in Small Groups

  COMS 3302 - Advanced Interpretation

  COMS 3306 - Argumentation and Debate

  COMS 3310 - Interpersonal Communication

  COMS 4301 - Persuasion

  COMS 4320 - Advanced Study in Communication

  COMS 4330 - Communication Principles and Practice

  Three hours from (each class may be repeated only once):

  COMS 1303 - Professional Communication

  COMS 2101 - University Readers

  COMS 2102 - Forensics

  Three hours from the following courses:

  * COMS 1301 - Speech Communication

  * COMS 2303 - Public Speaking