Media Studies Courses


MCOM 1301. Introduction to Media Studies - The history, contributions, and contemporary status of Media Studies: newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

MCOM 1303. News Writing for Media - Sources and techniques involved in gathering news for media. Application of principles as students contribute to campus media. Emphasis on the writing, editing, style, interviewing, and production of new for media. Laboratory work required.

MCOM 2311. Feature and Editorial Writing for Media
- Structure and style of features and
editorials for media. Practical applications as students contribute to campus media and meet deadlines. Laboratory work required. Prerequisite: MCOM 1303 or consent of instructor.

MCOM 2322. Radio/TV Announcing
- Concentration on voice, body, style, and organization. Prerequisite: SPCH 1301, 1303, 2302, or 2303.

MCOM 3305. Principles of Advertising - The principles and methods used in American
advertising as seen in history and through current practice. Examination of trends.

MCOM 3307. News Editing for Media
- The study of styles of media news editing, including headlining and layout, with an emphasis in form, grammar, and style. Students will be Course Offerings 269 assigned to work regularly with the campus media as well as attend news editing seminars. Prerequisite: MCOM 1303.

MCOM 3323. Media Production I - Basic media production including audio, video and studio operations, and basic printing for newspapers and magazines. Production of studio and remote radio and television broadcasts, and campus newspaper. Laboratory work is required.

MCOM 3331. Public Relations Principles and Techniques - Function of public relations in
social and economic systems. Methods, techniques, and procedures used to implement public relations.

MCOM 4326. Media Management
- The programming, sales, promotion, station management,regulation, and social responsibilities of electronic media. Prerequisite: MCOM 1301 or permission of instructor.

MCOM 4364. Internship in Media
- Supervised work experience in the student’s area of
interest and in an approved media business. The student will have the opportunity to apply
principles and methods gained in coursework. The student is required to keep a journal of
activities and to secure a report from their media supervisor. Credit for the course is based on completing 150 hours in the internship, submitting a journal, and report from the media supervisor.