Theatre Production ArtThe Theatre department always encourages prospective students to visit the Wayland campus and meet current theatre students, see our facilities and watch a production from our current season.

When preparing to audition for our department, please select two 90-second monologues of contrasting types.

These contrasts could be, for example, a dramatic piece and a comedic piece or a classic selection and a contemporary selection. The idea is to pick cuttings from plays that will demonstrate your range to play more than one type of part.

If you are a singer we would also enjoy listening to you sing. For audition purposes, something from a Broadway musical would be certainly be appropriate. Prepare 16 bars from a piece that demonstrates your vocal range and ability.

Finally, in selecting your monologue or musical pieces, we would prefer that you avoid doing something from a show in which you have appeared.

When you come to the audition, please bring a current résumé and headshot, or current picture of yourself. Auditions at Wayland are specifically designed to help meet the needs of all prospective students whether coming from our campuses in Alaska or Hawaii, incoming freshmen, or transfer students from junior colleges, or other universities.

Calendared Auditions:

Wayland regularly schedules auditions during the fall and Fall semesters. The fall auditions occur during Goldrush and the Fall auditions are during Big Weekend.

Individual Auditions

Wayland is never too busy to visit with prospective students. While your experience is less of an event when visiting us outside regularly scheduled audition times, we welcome your visit at any time. Coming on your own also allows time for more personal attention. If possible, mention that you'd like to have the opportunity to combine your trip to Wayland with a chance to see one of our productions. We'll be more than happy to make all the arrangements for your trip to make it as inexpensive and fun as possible. You'll be welcome to stay in the dorms with current students if you'd like, as well as being treated to a tour of the campus, a visit with financial aid personnel, and of course a complimentary ticket to one of our productions. Just contact the Director of Theatre to set up your audition, and he will be happy to work around your schedule.

Video Auditions:

If making a visit to campus is an impossibility for you, but you would still like us to see your audition, then please make a video of your audition pieces and send them to the Director of Theatre. Because we are not pressed for time with back-to-back people as we are in a live audition situation, your may feel free to extend your monologues out to two minutes each and sing a complete song if you're singing as a part of the audition. In addition, if you'd like to tell us a little about yourself, and why you're interested in Theatre, that would be a welcome introduction to your pieces. Finally, please remember to enclose a résumé of your theatre experience and current picture or headshot with your video.

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