ART 1301. Art Appreciation - Introduces students to studio art, art history, and art criticism. Open to all students and includes basic principles of design, critical evaluation, and actual media manipulation in selected studio areas.

ART 1302. Drawing I - Investigates a variety of media, techniques, and subjects, exploring perceptual and descriptive possibilities with consideration of drawing as a developmental
process and a finished product.

ART 1304. Painting I - Explores the potentials of painting media with emphasis on color, composition, technique, and critical evaluation. Includes studio projects and research in painting.

ART 1305. Sculpture I - Explores various sculptural approaches in a variety of media, and includes additive and subtractive techniques.

ART 2301. Visual Arts for the School Teacher - Studies the uses of art as a tool for education in the elementary classroom including Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Art. Exploration of methods and techniques, and psychology related to adult evaluation of childmade art.

ART 2303. Design I - Introduces basic design concepts with emphasis on two-dimensional design, fundamentals of line, form, texture, shape, space, and arrangement.

ART 2306. Ceramics I - Introduces basic ceramic processes, including hand-built and wheelthrown forms. $30 fee.

ART 2307. Printmaking I: Introduction - Introduction to printmaking with sections designated for waterbase screenprinting, monoprints, woodcut, lithography, and etching.

ART 2308. Art History Survey I
- Survey of Western and non-Western painting, sculpture, architecture and minor arts from prehistoric to the fourteenth century.

ART 2309. Art History Survey II - Survey of Western and non-Western paintings, sculpture, architecture and minor arts from the fourteenth century to the present.

ART 2330. Computer Graphic Design I - Technical aspects of page layout, visual organization, meaning and expressive qualities as visual form.

ART 2331. Digital Photography - Basic techniques of photographic image making and processing using digital equipment and computer software. Lab work required. Students must provide a digital camera and additional supplies as required by instructor.

ART 3300. Intermediate Digital Photography - further concentration on photographic composition, development and manipulation of imagery, with emphasis on color photograph. Prerequisite: ART 2331.

ART 3302. Drawing II - Emphasizes expressive and conceptual aspects of drawing, including studies of the human figure within a spatial environment.

ART 3303. Design II - Concentrates on advertising and graphic design for publication, including trademark development and illustration for advertisement.

ART 3304. Painting II - Greater emphasis on conceptual development, process and overall visual development of expression; includes history, critique, and research into current issues in painting.

ART 3305. Sculpture II - Emphasizes artistic statement and individual expression with further study of history technical methods.

ART 3306. Ceramics II - Offers the potter opportunity for specialization in one or more ceramic processes, includes studies in various firing techniques and glaze chemistry. $30 fee.

ART 3307. Printmaking II - In-depth study of printmaking methods of silkscreen, woodblock, monoprints, lithography, or etching.

ART 3308. Individual Two-Dimensional Problems - Is designed to fulfill special needs for Art majors and minors in two-dimensional art. Course study is arranged by the instructor in accord with specific individual needs. This course may be repeated for credit.

ART 3309. Individual Three-Dimensional Problems - Is designed to fulfill special needs for Art majors and minors in three-dimensional art. Course study is arranged by the instructor in accord with specific individual needs. This course may be repeated for credit.

ART 3311. Contemporary Art History - Visual survey of contemporary art trends dating from the 1800's to the present day, includes studies of critical evaluation and social impact of contemporary styles.

ART 3312. Watercolor - Introduction to transparent watercolor with emphasis on technique and composition development.

ART 3314. Metal and Jewelry Design I - Introduction to basic techniques used in metalsmithin and jewelry making. Emphasis will be on three-dimensional design articulated through additive, subtractive, and/or fabrication processes using wax and metal.

ART 3315 - Three Dimensional Design - Emphasizes organization in three-dimensional space using large construction format articulated by line, plane, volume, mass, and surface.

ART 3330. Computer Graphic Design II - Study of relationship between visual and verbal language, digital production and image manipulation. Prerequisite ART 2330

ART 3331. Graphic Design History - an examination of the evolution of the graphic arts. Discussed design innovators as well as styles and movements. Emphasis placed on the 20th century.

ART 3332. Typography and Branding - an examination of basic typography as a compositional tool. Analyzes the architecture of type from the single letterform to an entire page layout. Also focuses on meaning, concept development, process, research and problem solving methods relating to branding and visual identity design. Prerequisite: ART 2330.

ART 3400. Intermediate Digital Photography- An extension of the basic photography course. Enables students to compose and execute a photograph under any circumstance. Introduction to color photography. Students are required to provide own supplies. Three hours lecture, one hour lab. Prerequisite: ART/MCOM 2431.

ART 4302. Advanced Digital Photography - advanced studies in digital processes, with
emphasis on development and manipulation of photographic imagery. Prerequisite: ART 3300.

ART 4303. Art Instruction in Secondary Education - Foundations of art teaching in secondary schools will include methods and strategies for art instruction, evaluation of learning in art, classroom organization and management in the art room, professional portfolios, and teaching effectiveness. The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Art will be included. School practicum required. Prerequisites: ART 2301, and art course sequence required for a major in art, i.e. ART 1301, 1302, 1304, 1305 or 2306, 2307, 3302 or 3303, 3304, 4360, and advanced hours in approved art electives to total 35 hours.

ART 4304. Commercial Illustration - Studies media artwork including techniques, processes, and conceptualization methods, includes in-studio production of artwork designed specifically for print media. Prerequisites: ART 2303 and 3303.

ART 4305. Painting III - Studies advanced painting. Participation in exhibition activities is required.

ART 4306. Ceramic Sculpture - emphasizes clay as a sculptural media and as a process not associated with the vessel tradition. Processes include slab construction, extrusions, and large coil forms using additive and subtractive techniques with alternative firing processes such as pit firing, sagar firing, and Raku. Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor to enroll.

ART 4307. Metal Fabrication for Sculpture - Advanced metal fabrication techniques and
processes related to large scale sculpture with emphasis on shop safety, welding terminology and symbols, development of shop drawings, applications of fabrication, welding, oxyacetylene operations, personal protective equipment and tool usage. Prerequisites: Permission of the Instructor to enroll.

ART 4314. Metal and Jewelry Design II - Study of techniques used in metalsmithing and
jewelry design. Emphasis will be on three-dimensional design articulated through additive, subtractive, and/or fabrication processes using wax and metal. Explorations of depth and space concepts may include mass, volume, form, plane, light and texture. Prerequisite: ART 3314.

ART 4316. Graphic Design Special Topic - explores the technological, theoretical, cultural, social, political and economic issues currently influencing the field of graphic design. Design projects relate to the current state of graphic design as a means of visual communication. Considers solutions for issues and topics relevant to contemporary design culture. Emphasis placed on the role of the designer in the community. Stress is also placed on teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. Prerequisites: ART 2330 and ART 3330

ART 4360. Practicum - Concentrates on individual production of specified number of original works culminating in a one-person exhibition. The student will be responsible for generation of works, all planning, advertising, physical setup, and dismantling of the exhibit, as well Course Offerings 233 as, resume and slide portfolio development.

ART 4361. Graphic Design Internship - allows students to gain practical design experience under the supervision of a qualified professional designer. Prerequisites: ART 2330 and ART 3330.