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It has been some time since our last newsletter because of some staffing changes.  As described in one of the following articles, Dr. Scott Franklin has assumed the position of Director of Virtual Campus, which meant he relinquished his duties as Associate Dean of Math and Sciences.  Dr. William Hahn has taken over that position and he, along with our new (sort of) technical assistant, Megan McPherson, are now the newsletter editors.  It takes a while to establish a routine, but we expect to post electronic newsletters every other month with hardcopy editions once or twice a year.

While our accomplishments over the past several months are many (as documented in the articles herein), we have at least one disappointment to report that perhaps our community of alumni and friends could help with.  In a previous newsletter I wrote about the Kenya Studies Program that Dr. Kasner and I were putting together.  Costs associated with the program we had planned were moderate given the range of educational and personal experiences the program offered, but were still too much for most students to afford. 

We started last fall with about 10 students committed to going, but in the end, only three of them could actually cover the approximately $5800 travel and in-country expenses estimated for the trip.  We made great strides in identifying resources in Kenya and setting up a 3-week program that would be life changing for our students.  In addition to working with conservation biologists and agricultural/environmental missionaries, we made arrangements to spend about 6 nights “bush camping”, and at least 2 nights in moderate-scale tourist accommodations; the remainder of our stay would be in dormitory-style facilities at either Brackenhurst International Conference Center, or Moffatt Bible College.  In the end, our students would have seen virtually every large (and small) animal that part of Africa is known for, they would have hands-on experience conducting studies in conservation biology, and we even planned several days of mission work on agricultural and environmental projects.

Undaunted, Dr. Kasner and I are re-formulating the program for a summer 2013 offering.  The content and emphasis of the field experience will remain very similar to what we organized for this year – but WE ARE LOOKING FOR BENEFACTORS to offset some of the expenses for our students.  If you would be willing to help, please contact me or Dr. Kasner directly through email ( or or by phone (806-291-1118).  We will set up an account for this purpose through the development office and contributors will receive the usual tax benefits.


Finally, as I am writing this note, workers are assembling the tower on the roof of Moody Science that will hold the approximately 1 kilowatt wind turbine that we are building for our environmental science program.  Dr. Randy Craig and I are teaching a new course in renewable energy technologies this semester that has so far been very interesting for everyone involved.  In a later article we will highlight that accomplishment.

In closing, please continue to pray for the success of our programs and our students.  Every day I am reminded of how generous God’s blessings are, especially the blessing of serving Him through Wayland!  God Bless - HDG

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