Pioneer Health Service Corps

Pre-health organization that helps college students become more involved with their university and community.


Officer: 2013

President: Jarrett Ross

Sponser: Dr. Adam Reinhart  


A little information about PHSC:  

  • Community Service Projects
  • CPR and First Aid Certification
  • Medical Mission Opportunities
  • We bring in speakers in various health fields and admissions representatives from health professional schools
  • We take students to pre-health conferences to learn about different medical disciplines and schools

Pre-Health Fields

  • We try and help students make sure they know pre-requisites for the colleges they want to apply to
  • Give opportunities for students to take practice tests in the pre-health field they are interested in

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Covenant Hospital- Plainview, TX 
  • UMC Clinic- Plainview, TX


Shadowing Opportunities

There are many opportunities to shadow here in Plainview, Texas

  • We will try and find the best place for you and your career goal
  • Shadowing is a great opportunity for any student
If this is something that interests you please let us know!!!