The following is ONE four year schedule that would result in the B.S. in chemistry and a minor in mathematics. Many other permutations of this plan are possible including additional majors and/or minors in other disciplines. Some of the upper level chemistry courses are on rotation making exact duplication of this 4-year plan impossible for some students. This plan is intended as a guide only. Students are strongly encouraged to choose their courses in consultation with their advisor.

Freshman Fall

Foundations of Univ. Life--UNIV 1100

General Chemistry I--CHEM1401

Calculus I--MATH 2306*

Composition and Rhetoric--ENGL 1301

Concepts of Fitness--PHED 1112

Social Science Course--ECON 2304, GEOG 1301, 1302, PHIL 1301, PSYC 1301, 2305, or SOCI 1301

Freshman Spring

General Chemistry II--CHEM 1402

Calculus II--MATH 2307*

General Biology I--BIOL 1401

Composition and Reading--ENGL 1302

Elementary Statistics--MATH 1306

Sophomore Fall

Analytical Chemistry--CHEM 2402

Organic Chemistry--CHEM 3403

Calculus III--MATH 3300

Old Testament History--RLGN 1301

Fine Arts Course--ART 1301 studio course, MUSI 1303,3304,3305, THEA 1303

Sophomore Spring

Organic Chemistry II--CHEM 3406

Linear Algebra--MATH 3302

General Biology II--BIOL 1402

World Literature--ENGL 2303

New Testament History--RLGN 1302

Junior Fall

Biochemistry I--CHEM 4402

University Physics I--PHYS 2401

English or American Literature--ENGL 2301/2302

World Civ. I or US history I--HIST 1303/2301

Physical Education Fitness class

Junior Spring

Instrumental Analysis--CHEM 3407

Biochemistry II--CHEM 4403

University Physics II--PHYS 2402

World Civ. II or US Hist II--HIST 1304/2302

Physical Education Activity class

Senior Fall

Physical Chemistry I--CHEM 4405

Math Models--MATH 4307

Computer Competency--COSC 1300

Federal and State Government--POLS 2301

Foreign Language I

Senior Spring

Physical Chemistry II--CHEM 4406

Environmental Geology--EASC 3404

Speech--SPCH 1301,1303,2302,2303

Intermediate Analysis--MATH 4305

Foreign Language II

Graduation Seminar--GRAD 0001

* Assumes entering student does not need college algebra or trigonometry.