Plainview Area Homeschool Chemistry Enhancement Program

Wayland Baptist University

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***PAHCEP IS SCHEDULED FOR 2012-2013!!!***

Through this program, area high school students who are currently homeschooled attend twice monthly laboratory sessions at Wayland that are tailored to supplement and enhance the chemistry curriculum studied at home. The PAHCEP program in no way replaces home-based instruction; but the addition of laboratory exercises will greatly enhance the text-based studies. There is no better way to learn and understand chemistry than by doing it. Unfortunately, few families have a well-stocked science lab at home! Ok, perhaps that IS fortunate!! The point is that there is a notable need for laboratory resources for homeschool science students. As with all Wayland classes and programs, the tone and content of all the program material will be unapologetically Christian. The careful and scientific study of the chemistry of the physical world can provide unique insights into the Creator. The hands-on laboratory experience is invaluable in provoking students to ask "why?" and "how?" while giving them the tools to pursue these answers themselves.

In the PAHCEP program, chemistry labs will be offered approximately twice a month on Friday afternoons throughout the academic year: eight labs in the fall semester, eight labs in the spring semester. Lab will run for approximately 3 hours each meeting. The chemistry labs will be chosen to specifically augment the order of the material as presented in the Bob Jones University, Grade 11 Chemistry, 3rd edition curriculum; but, the labs should prove valuable for students using other curricula.   This in no way constitutes an endorsement of that text above all others; but, it is a reflection of our perception that this is one of the more commonly used homeschool chemistry texts. The labs are targeted for high student students (typically sophomore students or higher) with the basic algebra skills needed to deal with high school-level chemistry. Students 9th grade or higher possessing the needed math skills may participate. [Students unsure of their math skills may contact Dr. Gray to obtain a math exercise to evaluate whether they possess the minimal necessary math skills.] The laboratory date, time, and subject matter will be posted at the links above, and it will be the STUDENT'S responsibility to assure that he or she is prepared to do a lab on the posted subject material. There will be an introductory lecture accompanying each lab session; but, substantial preparation will be required at home (as with any high school level homeschool course).

The cost of the program will be $160 per student per year. This fee (payable by check with the application form) will help to cover the consumable materials that will be used by the students during the labs. Due to the limited number of students that we can accept, and the fact that we must purchase materials in advance, this fee will not be refundable.  This year, in order to minimize the financial burden on families, this registration fee is payable in $80 installments--one due before the first lab, and the second payment due before the first lab in January 2013.  There is a minimum enrollment of 4 students in the program.  There is room for two lab sections of 24 students per lab.  Enrollment in each scheduled lab will be capped at 24 students.  If the minimum of 4 students is not met, a FULL refund will be provided for all fees paid. The registration fees and safety information will be available via the links at the top of  this page.

The safety of all students in the lab is of utmost importance. For that reason each student will be required on the first day of labs to bring with them a form, signed by the student and parent/guardians acknowledging that they are aware of the safety guidelines. These guidelines and the signature form can be downloaded by clicking here. No student will be allowed to participate in any lab activities without the safety form (signed by BOTH parent AND student) on file.

All questions or comments regarding the PAHCEP program in 2012-2013 should be addressed to Dr. Gary O. Gray. (806-291-1122 or


***The members of Wayland's Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society will be Volunteering their Time as Laboratory Assistants and Tutors as a Chapter Service Project!!***