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The "Herb-arium" - Notes from the Dean

January 7, 2011


Our newsletter this month focuses on the research accomplishments of our December graduates and how their experiences working with faculty on many diverse projects served to focus their interest in graduate school or similar professional school programs.  The projects ranged from the deployment and testing of our computational cluster; applications of isotope analysis for paleontological research; and the use of static magnetic fields for water purification,.  As you will read below, for two of our graduates their research culminated in formal theses that were presented to faculty panels for review and approval.  As our graduates pursue their career goals, other undergraduates continue to build on their discoveries and accomplishments.

The dynamics of our undergraduate research program is also evidenced by our success in engaging students in regional and national scientific meetings.  For example, two abstracts were recently submitted to the undergraduate research day at the state capital in Austin in February, and we are presently collecting input for no fewer than five abstracts for papers or posters that will be presented to the spring meeting of the Texas Academy of Sciences in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, field biology, and botany.   These accomplishments are exciting for both our students and our faculty! 

So, there is much more to Wayland Baptist University’s School of Mathematics and Sciences than meets the eye.  We engage students in the learning process by actively involving them in the study of God’s works, and we are enjoying great success in this effort.  If you would like to know more, watch for announcements regarding our Spring Research Day that is scheduled for April 15th.  We continue to be grateful for your continued prayers and support as we work together to make Wayland “a shining light unto the world.”