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The "Herb-arium" - Notes from the Dean

September, 2011

One of Dr. Vaughn Ross’s accomplishments while Dean of the School of Math and Sciences was the establishment of a bachelors degree program and Wayland campus associated with the Kenya Baptist Theological College (KBTC) in Limuru, Kenya. This followed almost 20 years of mission work in Kenya for Dr. Ross and wife Johnene prior to his joining the Wayland faculty in 1996. His love for the people of Africa, the natural environment of the region, and the Ross’s commitment to the mission of Wayland to be a light to the world has now led to the initiation of a summer travel studies program in Kenya planned for the summer of 2012.

Led by Dr. Herb Grover and Dr. Andrew Kasner, students will be able to take course work through this program in general ecology, vertebrate natural history, and/or environmental science while experiencing the natural environment and culture of east Africa.


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Located about 25 miles from Nairobi, Kenya, Brackenhurst International Conference Center will serve as a home base for the program. From there, participants will take 3-5 day excursions to national parks and conservancies to the north, west, and south of Nairobi. Time in the field will be spent studying plant and animal life; working with wildlife conservationists; and working with agriculturalists in the regions we visit. Students will also have opportunities to participate in ongoing mission work during field excursions and while at Brackenhurst. The program schedule has not been finalized, but the total length of stay in Kenya is expected to be approximately 4 weeks.

The concept for this program was formulated by Dr. Ross and Dr. Grover during a visit to Kenya in the summer of 2010. After teaching a course for the Wayland program at KBTC, Dr. Grover was accompanied by Dr. Ross to several of the areas that students will visit during the 2012 program. Dr. Grover also developed strong and lasting relationships with conservationists, missionaries and families in these areas. Through Dr. Ross’s passion for a Wayland presence in Kenya, and the recognition that academic study in the region will foster life-changing experiences for students and for the Kenyans they encounter, the importance of this program to the mission of Wayland became abundantly clear.

We ask that everyone pray for the success of this unique opportunity for our students, and that you encourage and support those students who today are, knowingly or unknowingly, being prepared for this endeavor.

If you or anyone you know have questions about the Math and Sciences Kenya Studies Program, please encourage them to contact Dr. Grover or Dr. Kasner.



God Bless! – HDG


Additional note: An endowed scholarship fund named for Vaughn and Johnene Ross has been established at Wayland, but is not yet fully funded. Learn more at our website for the Vaughn and Johnene Ross Endowed Scholarship. Once complete, recipients of this scholarship will be students in the math and sciences who are planning on entering the mission field after completion of their bachelors degree. Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund is encouraged to contact our development team at 806-291-3430. You can also set up your gift online.