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Congratulations to our December Graduates

January 5, 2011

During the December ceremony, the School of Mathematics and Sciences graduated five students with majors in Biology, Geology, Mathematics, and Molecular Biology.

Mr. Colby Schniederjan received the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  Colby worked alongside Ms. Alissa Mitchell on an undergraduate research project in which they utilized strong magnetic fields for water purification.  Ms. Mitch received her Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology.  Also graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology was Mr. William Rose.

Mr. Aaron Anderson and Ms. Hailey Clark are the first two students to complete our new Geology program, both graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree.  Hailey also graduated with honors by complete an undergraduate thesis entitled, "Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Pleistocene Carbonates"

Mr. Jarrod Alford received his Bachelor's of Science degree in Mathematics.  Jarrod was also involved the undergraduate research program where he helped to deploy and test Wayland's first computational cluster, or super computer.