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Students Excel at Undergraduate Research

January 5, 2011

Colby Schniederjan and Alissa MitchellThe end of the semester is always busy with public student presentations and this past fall semester was no different.  During the last few weeks of the term, several of our undergraduate research students presented the results of their projects.  In addition, our new Scientific Computing course hosted a poster session in which the students of that classed presented data and analysis in the form a research poster.

Mr. Colby Schneiderjan and Ms. Alissa Mitchell, both December graduates, presented their work entitled, "Water Purification Utilizing Permanent Magnetic Fields."  In the project, Colby and Alissa demonstrated the potential for utilizing high power magnets to purify water.  Their work has laid the foundation for future student researchers to continue to develop this technique.

Ms. Hailey Clark defended her honor's thesis entitled, "Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoenvironmental analysis of Pleistocene Carbonates in Plainview, TX".  Hailey is one of first two graduates this December from our new Geology program.  Haley also won the Student's Choice award for best talk during last year's Spring Research Day.

Mr. Jarod Alford completed his undergraduate research project, authoring and defending his thesis, "The Deployment of Wayland First Computational Cluster."  Jarrod along with Mr. Zack Gibson helped to build and test a networked cluster of computers over the last 2 years.  Jarrod has presented is work at an area research conference and will be making another presentation at the Texas Academy of Science Meeting in March.

Another research group conducted much of their work over the summer as part of the Welch Foundation Research Fellowship.  After finalizing some of their analysis during the fall semester, Mrs. Tonia Perez and Ms. Rosemary Ribera presented their talk, "Ayurvedic Medicine: The pursuit of breast cancer cell cytotoxins."

On April 15, 2011, the School of Mathematics and Sciences will host its second annual Spring Research.  Be looking for announcements and details soon to come!