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Second Annual Spring Research Day

September 2011

On April 15, 2011, the School of Mathematics and Sciences held its second annual Spring Research, inviting students from various disciplines to present the undergraduate research projects and class groups projects.  Students from math, biology, chemistry and geology shared their findings in posters and talks presented to their fellow students and their professors.

Jarrett Ross and Libby Saultz were awarded the Outstanding Talk prize for their presentation, "Development of a western blot assay of caspase-3 to indicate apoptosis in 4T1 breast cancer cells".  Additionally, Christa Day, Patrick Hernandez, and Stephanie Whitaker won the prize for Outstanding poster entitled "Isolation and characterization of mushroom tyrosinase from various anatomical regions of Agaricus bisporus".  Desiree Luevano and Rosemary Ribera were each awarded the Golden Dippy Award for Student's Choice.

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