The Wayland Baptist University Geological Society ( W.B.U.G.S.) is a student organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the geosciences. The group is very active in community service projects, field trips and fundraising. Student members are progressive, innovative and committed to

making a difference.

   W.B.U.G.S. is open to any student! A geology major or minor is not required to be part of this group. W.B.U.G.S. takes pride in the study of geology and loves to share that knowledge with the community. Giving back to Wayland as well as the City of Plainview is a big part of what we do through our organization. We look forward to many new and exciting projects and field trips with our fellow students.

Officers for 2012-2013:

President: Hunter Green

Vice President: Garrett Williamson

Secretary: Jacob Kemmer

Treasurer: Victoria Chavez



Community Service Projects- we take the initiative at Wayland to give back to our community. W.B.U.G.S. has conducted several community clean-up projects throughout the years. The group gives geology presentations at the local hospital and to students in grades K-12. In recent years W.B.U.G.S. have become an active group in the Christian Environmental Stewardship at Wayland. We are always looking for new projects!

Hi- Plains Gem and Mineral Show-W.B.U.G.S. participates in the the Hi-Plains Mineral and Rock Show for their annual fund-raiser event. The organization helps set-up and break down displays and also run the concession stand during the entire event. In addition to fundraising, the event is also a great opportunity for the students to promote their on-going research. Students bring in displaying samples and provide a continuous running slide show presentation during the event.

Field trips- W.B.U.G.S. has led students to such places as Guadeloupe National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park,Caprock Canyon National Park and more. Where would you want to go?

and much more - W.B.U.G.S. are involved with additional Wayland projects and community services. Come see what we have in store for you! Contact Dr. Walsh, walsht@wbu.edu, for more information.