Gray research group

The Gray research group is investigating the effects of naturally-occurring chemotherapeutic agents on the growth, metastatic development and protein expression patterns (proteome) of breast cancer in an animal (BALB/c mouse) model.  The objectives of these studies are to 1) investigate the changes in the mouse proteome that might serve as diagnostic markers of breast cancer, and 2) determine the mechanism(s) by which selected naturally-occurring chemotherapeutic agents operate in suppressing tumor growth.  The animal model used in this research closely mimics stage IV human breast cancer, and it is hoped that the research will lead to a better understanding of human breast cancer.

The research is funded by a departmental grant from the Welch Foundation and by research funds provided by the University.  These funds allow undergraduate students to pursue cutting-edge research in chemistry and biochemistry at Wayland Baptist University. Students in the Gray research group are encouraged and guided through the research process.  Working along with Dr. Gray, students develop research questions, conduct searches of the scientific literature, design and conduct experiments, and, ultimately, give public presentations of their experimental findings. The success of the research group is driven by the motivation, energy and ability of the undergraduate students that do the work.

If you are interested getting involved in this on-going research, contact Dr. Gray to learn more about the opportunities for undergraduate research at Wayland Baptist University.