Dr. Robert Moore

Dr. Robert Moore
Associate Professor

1900 West 7th  Street - CMB 1293

Plainview, Texas 79072

(806) 291-1125    Fax: (806) 291-1968

Office: MSB 029

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Dr. Moore received his B.A. in Chemistry, Cell Biology, and Mathematics from Huntingdon College in 2002. In 2003 and 2004 Dr. Moore worked as a lab technician for the chemistry undergraduate labs at Auburn University before beginning his doctoral work at Auburn University. His doctoral research focused on the kinetics of the bifunctional catalase-peroxidase enzyme responsible for activation of the frontline anti-tubercular drug isoniazid. Dr. Moore received his doctorate in biochemistry in 2009 and was brought to Wayland the fall of the same year as an adjunct to develop and teach the Scientific Computing class. He began teaching for Wayland full-time in the fall of 2010. His interests include scientific communication and multi-dimensional kinetic analyses.


FALL 2015




CHEM 1400-PL01 Chemistry & Life T R 10:50-12:05 MSB 116
CHEM 1400-PL01 Chemistry & Life LAB W 12:20-3:00 MSB 020
CHEM 4405-PL01 Physical Chemistry I M W F 8:00-8:50 MSB 109
CHEM 4405-PL01 Physical Chemistry I LAB R 12:20-3:00 LAB-MSB 016
MSCI 3101-PL15 Faith & Science Seminar T 1:45-3:00 MSB 106
MSCI 3201-PL15 Lab Instruction Practicum W 12:20-3:00 LAB
MSCI 4201-PL15 Lab Safety M F 9:00-9:50 029



FALL 2015

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