MSCI - Math - Science

MSCI 2311. Scientific Computing - an introduction to the utilization of computational tools in the fields of science and mathematics. Emphasis will be placed on effective utilization of computer software and hardware for scientific communication. Computer-based techniques in literature searching and bibliographic reference, word processing, and data collection, analysis, graphing, modeling and presentation will be covered in this course. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: demonstrated computer competence by transcripted high school computer course(s) within 5 years of enrollment at Wayland.

MSCI 3101. Faith and Science Seminar - a survey of the interactions between the Christian faith and modern science. Topics covered will include worldview, science history, logic and reason, origins, scientific ethics and other contemporary issues involving science and Christian faith. Prerequisites: Any 4 hour lab science.

MSCI 3201. Laboratory Instruction Practicum - laboratory Instruction Practicum is a
course designed specifically for students majoring in chemistry and/or physical science education. Students will work with a faculty mentor to develop the concepts and skills required for successful laboratory instruction. A minimum of 10 hours of supervised laboratory instruction will be required including the development and teaching of one original didactic laboratory experiment. Topics covered will include the role of experiential learning in science education, inquiry-based learning, didactic laboratory experiment design, student learning assessment, and laboratory safety. Lecture one hour, laboratory one hour. Prerequisites: A minimum of two upper level laboratory science courses and EDUC 3302 or school approval.

MSCI 4103, 4203, 4303. Undergraduate Research - independent research project completed under the direction of a Wayland Baptist University faculty mentor. Will culminate in the preparation of a written thesis and oral public presentation (MSCI 4360). This is a variable credit-hour class. The number of hours that a student registers for will be determined in consultation with the faculty mentor. Up to a total of 9 hours of MSCI 4103, 4203, 4303, or 4360 may be taken for credit. See individual degree plans for explanation of how many hours can apply to a degree. Prerequisite: School Approval.

MSCI 4201. Laboratory Safety - laboratory Safety is a two-hour course suitable for all students majoring in the physical or life sciences, but designed specifically for students majoring in chemistry and/or physical science education. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to, regulatory compliance and the OSHA laboratory standard, general laboratory safety policies, toxicology of hazardous substances, personal protective equipment, emergency response and first aid, flammable hazards, explosive hazards, radiation safety, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals, ventilation, laboratory safety equipment, stockroom management, recordkeeping and philosophy of laboratory safety. Lecture two hours. Prerequisites: CHEM 2402 and CHEM 3404, or school approval.

MSCI 4360. Thesis and Presentation - techniques and skills of effective technical communication are emphasized and used to complete an undergraduate research thesis. Upon completion of the thesis, the student will orally defend the thesis in a public forum including the presence of a thesis committee consisting of faculty members. The thesis title will appear on the undergraduate transcript. Upon successful defense of the thesis, the committee will award a certificate acknowledging the completion of the research program. Prerequisite: MSCI 4103, 4203,4303 and school approval.