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Mineralogy Field Trip

The Mineralogy Field Trip Fall 2011

Fall 2011


The Mineralogy Field Trip Fall 2011 was taken to Rio Grande Rift Valley of New Mexico.  Mineralogy students, geology majors and minors, combined for 13 students who attended, and included: Victoria Chavez, Kathryn Cummins, Kyler Ellison, Sawyer Ferguson, Hunter Green, Nay Heckard, Jacob Kemmer, Corita Kraemer,  Jason Huckabee, Roxanne Paslay, Brendan Shields, Chaz Ward, and Garrett Williamson.  The field trip exposed students to the geology of the Rio Grande Rift Valley of New Mexico and taught them about the various geological, and hydrological processes that were responsible in the formation of the region.  In the field, students learned about the crystallization of minerals in hydrothermal environments, mining processes and techniques, tectonic forces responsible for faulting and deforming the rift area, and eolian and volcanic features/processes that have shaped the landscape.  For activities, students hiked through ancient lava beds at the Valley of Fires Recreation Area, crawled and hiked through an underground mine to collect beautiful secondary hydrothermal minerals along a fault, climbed and “rock-scrambled” on weathered volcanic rock formations at City of Rocks State Park, and dune surfed at White Sands National Monument.  It was a great trip with lots of hands-on experience, education, and great memories.

To see all the fun we had check out the Photo Gallery