Dr. J. Hoyt and Joanne Bowers Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Hoyt and Joanne Bowers


Background and Historical Information

Dr. J. Hoyt & Joanne Bowers have given over forty-five (45) years of service to Wayland Baptist University in the School of Mathematics & Sciences.  Their life’s mission has been to teach students science with a Christian influence showing how exciting learning about what God created can be.  They believe and have practiced the principle that Wayland is and should always be about students.  Dr. and Mrs. Bowers have been responsible for securing twenty-three (23) science teacher training grants for Wayland to improve science teaching in Texas public schools.

“It has always been a blessing to know that we were doing what God called us to do in the place He wanted us to be.  We have never felt we were supposed to serve anywhere else.”

The Bowers have one son, Mark, a graduate of Wayland and two grandchildren, Cameron and Raylyn.

Scholarship Administration

The recipient of the Bowers Scholarship is to be a declared biology major.  The biology faculty will select the outstanding biology major at the beginning of his or her sophomore year.  This student will receive the Bowers Scholarship for the following three years provided that he or she continues to make suitable progress toward a B.S. degree in biology at Wayland, as determined by the Biology faculty.

Contribution Information

All donations to the Bowers Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable.  Please mail contributions to:

Wayland Baptist University

Development Office

1900 W 7th St CMB 1295

Plainview, TX  79072-9984

You may also contact Dr. William Hahn for more information regarding contributions to this scholarship fund.