Dr. L.C. Newton Wayland Endowed Scholarship

Commonly known as Clarence, Dr. L.C. Wayland was 85 when he died Jan. 26, 1964, in Santa Barbara, California. Born on a farm near Salisbury, Mo., January 1879, he was the youngest of five boys and one girl. All five siblings preceded him in death.

Three of the brothers moved to the Plains and made their homes here, Dr. J.H. Wayland, Jo Wayland and Dr. L.C., who began his medical practice in 1903 and maintained an active practice for more than 60 years - five years longer than his older brother.

He married Constance Newton, the daughter of a distinguished Seymour judge, in 1907. They had two children, Mrs. Louis Rader of Darine, Conn., and son Newton, and five grandchildren.

L.C. came to the Texas Plains in 1897. With a  year's training in medicine, he opened a drug store in Lubbock - one of only four stores in the small community. He went to medical school afterward, from January to July, which was the standard teaching time. He graduated from Kentucky School of Medicine in Louisville in 1903, and soon came to Plainview to start his medical practice.

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On June 10, 1976, Dr. L.C. Newton Wayland of Santa Barbara, California, presented a check for $2,000 to Wayland Baptist College as a gift in trust from which he is to receive an annuity payment equal to the income from the investment of this particular fund by Wayland Baptist College. The balance of the income from the sum total of gifts from family and friends shall be awarded as endowed scholarships with preference to students in the general field of medicine. It is understood that:

  1. Wayland Baptist College will invest the $2,000 and any other funds which may be added to this annuity trust and provide an annual income to Dr. L.C. Wayland of the amount received from the investment.
  2. The College will provide the annuity each year throughout the lifetime of Dr. Wayland.
  3. At the death of Dr. Wayland, the $2,000, plus any other accumulated gifts to the fund, will be transferred into the presently existing L.C. Wayland Memorial Medical Award and Scholarship Fund now held and invested by Wayland Baptist College. The making of the award and the granting of the scholarships of this newly-combined fund will follow the same pattern as now prevails in the Memorial Medical Award and Scholarship Fund.


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All donations to the Dr. L.C. Newton Wayland Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable. 

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