Eldon Milstead


Background and Historical Information

Eldon Milstead was born February 25, 1928, the son of A.M. and Clara Milstead. He and his wife, Marie Miller, were blessed with five children: Richard, Diane, Cathy, Virginia, and David. In 1976, Eldon and David began Milstead Hardware. The office of the store served as “Milstead's Mini Museum”, which housed artwork, rocks, fossils and meteorites. Through the years Eldon developed a special relationship with the Wayland Baptist University Earth Science Department. He gave of his resources to provide lapidary equipment to enable the students to develop hands on skills. Many of the specimens from Eldon Milstead’s private collection are currently on loan to the Wayland geology program. Eldon’s family established this scholarship for the students involved in geology, hoping that they would find joy in God’s creations as did Eldon.


Scholarship Administration

Eligible Recipients Must:
*Be full-time students attending Wayland Baptist
University who declare a major in Geology.

*This scholarship is awarded for tuition assistance only.

*The recipients should evidence financial need, as assessed by the Financial Aid Office.

* Recipients should be of sophomore, junior or senior standing.

*In order to continue receiving the Milstead scholarship, students must continue to meet the academic and disciplinary standards as stipulated by the current University catalog and make good progress towards completing the geology degree.

Contribution Information

All donations to the Milstead Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable.  Please mail contributions to:

Wayland Baptist University

Development Office

1900 W 7th St CMB 1295

Plainview, TX  79072-9984

You may also contact Dr. William Hahn for more information regarding contributions to this scholarship fund.