The Ralph R. McClung Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ralph was born April 6, 1913, in Seagoville, TX. He was the second son of Joseph L. and Ethel R. McClung. He grew up in Manitou, Oklahoma, attending and finishing high school there. In 1935, he was married to Maxine Hoover in Manitou where he worked with his father in the hardware business specializing in electrical appliances. He was a pioneer in developing the Rural Electrification Authority.

He was employed by the Federal Aviation Authority and then by Hughes Aircraft Corp. of Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a senior engineer for 20 years until his death on such projects as communications satellites, guidance systems for planes, rockets, and space vehicles.

He passed away on June 13, 1976, in Los Angeles and was buried in Frederick, Oklahoma, June 18. He was the father of two sons, R. Keith and Gary N. McClung.

This memorial fund is designed to perpetuate the memory of a man whose love for life, for truth, and for personal relationships made him a noble example for American youth.

It is understood that:

  1. The fund is open-ended and other gifts may be made to it at any time.
  2. The monies placed in this fund are wholly owned and managed by Wayland Baptist College.
  3. The fund shall be invested as permanent endowment with the income from the investment being used for scholarship awards.
  4. The recipient of the fund shall be a student or students interested in and having shown possibilities for achievement in the field of science.
  5. The selection of the recipient shall be made on the recommendation of the Division Chairman in Natural and Biological Sciences and with the consent of the President.




Contribution Information

All donations to the Ralph R. McClung Memorial Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable. 

Please mail contributions to:

Wayland Baptist University

Development Office

1900 W 7th St CMB 1295

Plainview, TX  79072-9984

You may also contact Dr. William Hahn for more information regarding contributions to this scholarship fund.