The Joe C. and Jeannie E. Richardson Scholarship Fund

Joseph Clarence Richardson was born in Franklin County, Alabama, on January 17, 1873. He moved to Limestone County, Texas, with his parents as a teenage boy. They drove an ox wagon to Hardeman County, Texas in 1889, where his father filed on land north of Quanah, TX. There Joe C. met Jeannie E. Hendrix who lived with her parents near Gould, Oklahoma. They were married on January 9, 1896.

Mrs. Richardson (Jeannie E. Hendrix) was born near Atlanta, Georgia, on April 5, 1880.

Joe. C. bought some land north of Grosebeck Creek from the State of Texas. He gave $2.00 per acre and borrowed the money with a forty year pay out plan and a very low interest rate. All of the children were born and reared on this place about 5 miles north of Quanah. They bought other land joining this place until they had in excess of 1700 acres.

After the death of Joe and Jeannie Richardson, income from the oil rental on the estate and income from interest received on the invested proceeds from the sale of the estate have formed the basis for this scholarship.

Joe. C. Richardson did not have the opportunity to receive much formal education. Jennie Richardson went through school to about the 7th grade. Their dedication to the Lord and the investments they have made in their children have made it appropriate for a scholarship fund to be established in their names aiding young men and women in the obtaining of a Christian education.

The scholarship fund is a gift to Wayland Baptist College and the desires of the donors are as follows:

  1. Other fits may be added to the fund.
  2. The principle of the fund shall remain intact and invested in safe and productive investments.
  3. Proceeds from the fund shall be distributed in the form of one or more scholarships to worthy students attending Wayland Baptist University each year.
  4. The recipients of the fund from year to year shall be those majoring the field of science which is the field in which J. C. Richardson, Jr. has dedicated his life.
  5. Management of the fund and distribution of the scholarship shall be handled by the president of the College or his designated officers.
  6. This fund shall remain as an endowed managed by Wayland Baptist College for Wayland students as long as Wayland exists.


Contribution Information

All donations to the Joe C. and Jeannie E. Richardson Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable. 

Please mail contributions to:

Wayland Baptist University

Development Office

1900 W 7th St CMB 1295

Plainview, TX  79072-9984

You may also contact Dr. William Hahn for more information regarding contributions to this scholarship fund.