Dr. P Vaughn and Johnene Ross


Background and Historical Information

Dr. P. Vaughn Ross graduated with a BS in Biology from Wayland Baptist College in 1966.  After three years of working in the area of public health and six years of teaching high school science, Vaughn Ross served for over 18 years in Kenya doing mission work with a focus on human needs ministries through community health programs.  Dr. Ross returned from the mission field in 1994 to teach biology at Wayland Baptist University until his retirement in 2009.  During his career at Wayland he was instrumental in establishing the Wayland campus in Kenya and served as its director for many years.  From 2004 to 2009, Dr. Ross also served as the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences.  This period was highlighted by the development of new degree programs in nursing and geology. 

A 1969 Wayland graduate, Johnene made the Ross home a base of ministry to both missionaries and nationals.  She gave equal energy to their establishment of ministries to unreached people groups in Kenya. Before and following her missionary tenure Johnene taught 5th and 6th grade science in public and Christian schools.

In honor of their many years of service in Christian missions and Christian education, the friends, family, and former students of Vaughn and Johnene Ross establish the Vaughn and Johnene Ross Endowed Scholarship for Christian Missions.  It is our prayer that this scholarship will lead others gifted in science and mathematics to follow in the Rosses’ footsteps in a life of selfless service to our Lord.


Scholarship Administration

The scholarship will be administered in accordance with the following conditions:

The following guidelines are arranged in order of decreasing priority.  Priority should be given to awarding the scholarship in the order that the guidelines are listed below.  The primary goal of this scholarship is to encourage young men and women with scientific knowledge and skills to apply their gifts on the mission field.

1. The recipient will be a junior or senior declared major within the school of mathematics     and sciences with a demonstrated commitment to Christian missions.

2. The recipient will be a junior or senior declared major within the school of mathematics     and sciences with a demonstrated commitment to Christian ministry.

3. The recipient will be a declared major within the school of mathematics and sciences     selected by the math and science faculty.        


Contribution Information

All donations to the Ross Endowed Scholarship fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  If your employer has a fund-matching program for charitable donations, please take advantage of that program if applicable.  Please mail contributions to:

Wayland Baptist University

Development Office

1900 W 7th St CMB 1295

Plainview, TX  79072-9984

You may also contact Dr. William Hahn for more information regarding contributions to this scholarship fund.