Mathematics Scholarship Application

for High School Students

Fill in the application below. Upon completion you will have a chance to review your application. After you have submitted the application you should receive an email confirming your application has been received.
NOTE: High School Students MUST submit a copy of their transcript.
This can be sent by mail to:
Dr. William Hahn
1900 W. 7th St. #1301
Plainview, TX 79072
Or by fax to:

  Full Name:
  Email Address:
  Home Address: 
   City State Zip Code
  Projected Major: Minor (or Second Major):
  High School: Graduation Date:
  What are your ACT and/or SAT scores (if taken)?
  ACT Score: SAT Score:
  List the mathematics courses you have taken in the past two years of high school:
  Leadership and Future Plans: Please discuss any ways you have demonstrated leadership or community involvement, and your plans after college graduation: