travel opportunities

The School of Mathematics and Sciences offers different travel opportunities for its students. Our student organizations sponsor trips to regional and national conferences. In addition, many courses offer extended field trips that help enhance learning experiences and allow students to apply the methods learned in the classroom.

GEOL4302- Field Geology 2013: TX, NM, CO, WY, UT


Spring 2013: Big Bend


Geological Society Association Meeting, April 2013: Austin, TX


Honduras Medical Mission Trip: Spring Break 2013


Texas Academy of Science, March 2013: Kerrville, TX


GEOL3401- Petrology Spring 2012


  GEOL 2401- Mineralogy Field Trip 2011: New Mexico


ENVS 4409 (BIOL 4409)- Conservation Biology: Fall 2011


BIOL 3407- Ecology Fall 2011 : New Mexico