Mrs. Debbie Wiley


Debbie Wiley

Mrs. Debbie Wiley
Director of the

Theological Research and Writing Lab


1900 W. 7th St, CMB 1276
Plainview, TX 79072
Office: (806) 291-1162     FAX: (806) 291-1969
Home: 806-293-8665  Cell:  806-518-9871
Office: FBB 103
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Short biography

Married to Buddy Wiley

Three grown daughters: Margee Jasmer, Rita Cox, and Bobbie Mann

Six Grandchildren: Bria, Cole, Hagen, Gavin, Miles and Chauser

Graduate of Ft. Worth Christian Academy, Attended Abilene Christian University, Graduated Wayland Baptist University with degree in Religion and a Master’s Degree in Religion.


  • What’s your favorite book of the Bible and why? The Gospel of Luke. It is my favorite because it tells the story of Jesus walking along side ordinary people. He saw their gifts and potential.
  • When I’m not in the Flores Bible Building, I love to . . . Work in my garden! I get lost in the fragrances and simplicity of dirt, seeds and growth. It is so rewarding to grow our own food.
  • What person in history do you wish you could sit down with for a conversation?  It wouldn’t be one certain person. I would like to talk to the women who followed their men West. I would want to know if it was worth it. How did they survive?  Would they do it again?
  • What animal best describes you? Probably a cat. Cats are independent and they can scavenger enough to feed themselves. They also like to be lazy and keep their owners guessing.
  • Why are you glad to be part of the Wayland family? I am glad to be a part of the WBU family because of the shared values. I especially see this in the professors I work with, they live out what they teach.