communication studies

Why Communication Studies?

Instruction in speech communication is designed to promote the development of knowledge and skills for effective verbal communication, listening, and non-verbal interaction essential for success in personal, professional, and public life. Related skills in research, critical thinking, message formulation, message presentation, and evaluation of messages are emphasized.

A variety of Communication Studies-related activities and performance opportunities are also offered to provide outlets for self-expression and creativity. Through application of concepts studied and skills developed in various Communication Studies courses, students should be better able to build and maintain productive relationships, demonstrate skills in promoting effective human relations and group interaction in civic and professional roles, and develop skills for effective participation in public dialogue.

The Communication Studies curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive and well-balanced program in communication studies. It also provides service courses required in the core designed to equip all students with basic communication skills.

Communication Studies Requirements
The major in speech requires 36 semester hours, of which 15 must be from upper level courses.

The following courses (36 hours) are required for the Speech major:
*COMS 1301 – Speech Communication
COMS 1302 – Interpretation and Performance of Literature
COMS 1303 – Professional Communication
COMS 2303 – Public Speaking
COMS 3301 – Communication in Small Groups
COMS 3302 – Advanced Interpretation
COMS 3306 – Argumentation and Debate
COMS 3310 – Interpersonal Communication
COMS 4301 – Persuasion
COMS 4320 – Advanced Study in Communication
COMS 4330 – Communication Principles and Practice
Select three hours from the following courses (each class may be repeated only once):
COMS 2101 – University Readers
COMS 2102 – Forensics

* Three hours are included in the general education core curriculum.