Business Education Requirements?
Major (Teaching Field) – Students desiring to teach business subjects in the high school should major in business administration. Because of the breadth of the program, the major and minor fields of study have been combined into a single major.

The following courses (48 hours) are required for the teaching field:
ACCT 2305 – Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2306 – Principles of Accounting II
BUAD 3318 – Business Law
BUAD 4330 – Strategic Management/Business Policy
ECON 2307 – Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2308 – Principles of Microeconomics
FINA 3309 – Financial Management
FINA 3315 – Personal Financial Planning
MGMT 3304 – Principles of Management
MGMT 3310 – Managerial Communication
MGMT 3324 – Human Resource Management
MGMT 4313 – Structures and Process of Organizations
MGMT 4320 – Organizational Behavior
MISM 3303 – Information Systems Theory and Practice
MISM 3314 – Advanced Computer Applications
MKTG 3312 – Principles of Marketing

Professional Education – High School Teacher Certification
In addition to the general education core and preparation in the teaching field, the Business Basic certification program requires a professional education sequence that provides the student with a knowledge of the learner, the teaching-learning process, effective teaching and classroom management strategies, and reading in the content area. It also provides a structured program of field experiences beginning with classroom observation and ending with student teaching. Students must have taken and passed the basic skills test upon completion of EDUC 3301 - Principles and Practices in Education and before taking further professional education courses.

The following courses (33 hours) constitute the professional education sequence:
EDIT 4332 – Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
EDLI 4325 – Developing Reading, Study and Thinking Skills at the Secondary Level
EDUC 2301 – Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 3301 – Principles and Practices in Education
EDUC 3302 – Instructional Strategies and Practices
EDUC 3313 – Educating Students from Diverse Backgrounds
EDUC 4313 – Classroom Management
EDUC 4318 – Becoming a Teacher
EDUC 4328 – Curriculum and Assessment for the Secondary School
EDUC 4664 – All-Level Student Teaching