Early Registration Schedule


Early Registration

8:30          Check-In and Document Completion

First you will check-in with an Admission Representative and receive a registration packet.    The packet contains documents that must be completed by you and turned into the various offices  throughout the remainder of the day.

9:30          Welcome and General Information Session

In this session, you'll hear from WBU's Registrar and VPs concerning the day's activities and how best to make the most  of your time with professors and staff.

10:00         Placement Testing

Because of marginal test scores or transfer grades, some participants will be required to take Accuplacer tests- Reading, Writing, and/or Algebra.   These are online tests that are not timed.  The test results help determine in which classes you'll be placed.

10:00         Academic Advising Groups

Those who are not involved in placement testing will work with professors in their academic area of interest,                             even if they are undecided, to learn about degree plans, choosing classes, etc.

10:45         Sign-Ups, Payments, and Registration Completion

This is the part of the Registration process that involves your moving from station to station - all under one roof

on campus - to secure your Fall classes, housing, financial aid, student services, i.d. card,etc.     You'll meet lots of professors and staff members who have gathered to meet you and your family and to collect valuable information                   from you to make your WBU journey smooth. This part may require 1-3 hours, depending on how many others are registering on this particular day.


Your last stop in the registration process will be with someone in the Business Office.   At that time, you will  provide a hardcopy statement showing your total cost for the first semester. This will be the only paper statement you will receive.  All other communications from the Business Office will be electronic. 

You may pay your balance at that time, or enroll through Self Service online in the 3-installment payment plan.  The first payment will be due on the first day of classes in the fall.  The next two payments will be due in September and October.

All balances must be paid before you may enroll in another term.

11:30          Free Lunch

We'll have free lunch available in the Early Registration facility (the MPR) for you and your family.    It will be something quick - like pizza or sandwiches - and cookies, of course!  You're welcome to sit down to enjoy lunch during your registration process or after you've completed the process.

11:30, 12:15, 1:00, 1:45                  Campus Tours

We'll host walking tours of the campus beginning at these times.   You'll be able to view a dorm room, various dining facilities, student activity areas, chapel and classroom areas, and sports facilities.