Placement Testing
Testing Lab

Placement tests are online tests in reading comprehension, algebra, and writing.

Not everyone is required to take placement tests.  Generally, they are required of students with marginal test scores or transfer information and of non-traditional students with no test or prior college experience.

Your Permit to Enter, issued by the Registrar's Office, will note whether or not you are required to take placement tests.  If in doubt, please call the Admissions or Registrar's Office.

The test scores are used by the Registrar's Office and faculty advisors in assigning students to classes. It's imperative that our students be placed in the correct level of classes to enhance their learning and chances of success.

These tests are administered on an individual basis through appointment with the Admissions Office.  Call 806-291-3500 to schedule yours.

They are also group-administered the day prior to registration and on registration day. It is preferable to take these tests before registration day to give you more time to visit with academic and financial aid advisors during that time.