Federal Financial aid funds are awarded with the expectation that the student will complete the entire period of enrollment for which the funds are awarded.  When a student withdraws from the university or fails all courses in a given term, the financial aid office is required to complete a "Return to Title IV calculation" in order to determine what portion of the federal funds the student earned.  If the calculation determins a refund of aid is required, the school must return any Title IV funds to the programs from which the student received aid. 

If any refunds are completed by the university, the student will be required to pay the university for any balance that results from the refund of aid.  The balance must be paid in full before future enrollment is permitted or the release of other official documents from the university, including the transcript.  To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, the refund policy will be determined by the federal guidelines in effect at the time of the refund. 

Refer to 2012-2013 WBU Catalog pg 56-57.

Note:  All students withdrawing from the university, dropping to zero hours, will be processed through the Return to Title IV software provided by the U.S. Department of Education. When calculating Return to Title IV aid, a student should have completed at least 60% of the enrollment period. 

When determining the financial aid impact of withdrawing from classes, students should consider that if they have attended more than 60% of the enrollment period, no Title IV funds will have to be returned. The following are estimated “60%” dates for 2009-2010 refund calculation:



Fall 2012                60% of period is on or about 10/28/2012

Spring 2013           60% of period is on or about 3/30/2013

Campuses (except Hawaii)

Fall 2012                60% of period is on or about 10/5/2012

Winter 2012           60% of period is on or about 1/21/2013

Spring 2013           60% of period is on or about 4/20/2013

Summer 2013       60% of period is on or about 7/125/2013

Hawaii Campus- Students will need to work directly with their financial aid advisor to determine the 60% date

Students withdrawing before 60 % of the term has passed will have the refund to the Title IV calculated and returned to the appropriate federal fund. A copy of the calculation is filed in the student's file.

Students dropping one course or only a portion of their course load may be refunded a portion of their tuition paid according to guidelines outlined in the 2012-2013 WBU catalog pg. 56.  Detailed information may be obtained from the Business Office.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar for instruction on dropping coursework or withdrawing from the university.