Student's must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for TEG funds:

1.  Students must enroll on a full-time basis (minimum of 12 hrs per semester for Plainview students and a minimum of 9 hrs per term at the external campuses)

  • Must be Texas resident attending a campus located in Texas.
  • These students can not be receiving an athletic scholarship.
  • Tuition Equalization Grants may not be awarded to students seeking a career in the full time ministry field.
  • Only student's seeking a 1st Bachelors degree or 1st Masters degree may receive TEG funds.  Such funds are not available for those enrolled as graduate non-degree seeking students seeking teacher certification.
  • Other items considered for eligibility include Selective Service registration as well as level of financial "need".

2.  Student's must meet satisfactory academic progress as follows:

a.  First year will follow Wayland's satisfactory academic progress policy which is completing 65% of attempted hours.

b. Thereafter,

i.  Undergraduates must complete 24 hrs per year with a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and complete 75 percent of attempted hours.

ii.  Graduate students must complete 18 hrs per year and continue meeting the grade point average required by the graduate program of 3.0.

At the end of each academic year, your progress will be evaluated.  If you fail to meet all the criteria established for your classification, you will not be eligible for future awards.  TEG is not awarded for summer term enrollment.

The financial aid office would like to stress the importance of maintaining satisfactory academic progress to insure your continued benefit of this program.