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Residence Hall Staff: Each residence hall is staffed with a Resident Hall Supervisor/Manager (RHS/RHM) and Resident Assistants (RA). Housing Staff is available for support and supervision of students living in the residence halls.

Mandatory Residence Hall Meetings: There are 2 mandatory dorm meetings each semester. One during the 1st week of classes and one before final exams. During these meetings students receive important residence hall updates and student handbooks.

Residence Hall Projects/Events: Each semester Resident Assistants are required to organize an Educational/Social project for their residents. Every resident is invited to participate in the dorm projects/events and flyers will be posted with information concerning the event prior to the date of the event.


By moving into the residence hall, the student accepts and agrees to abide by the conditions and standards of conduct as listed in the WBU Student Handbook and individual residence hall rules. Standards and rules are presented in mandatory dorm meetings which are held twice a semester. A fine list is posted in each residence hall. Fines can be issued for any violation of Wayland Baptist University conduct standards and residence hall rules as deemed necessary in a disciplinary event. Fines are charged based on the severity of the rule and/or standard that was broken, the lowest begins at $10 and the highest begins at $200 and greater.

Students must make arrangements to pay fines with residence hall staff within 24 hours of receiving a fine. If a student does not have the financial resources to cover the fine, they may work off the fine at the rate of one hour for every $5 of the fine.

Failure to pay fines can result in an increase in the fine and/or loss of your housing deposit. Loss of a housing deposit would require the resident to pay an additional $100 deposit before they receive a room assignment for the next semester.


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